Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | November 16, 2011

Too much good life (or, NCAA Football, Week 12)

By popular request, we move the Life Report to Wednesday.

Well, now Mike McQueary says he did tell the police about the Sandusky assault he witnessed on a 10-year-old boy.  Presumably this can be verified with the police.  One of my questions is why, considering that Sandusky is under indictment, his lawyer is allowing him to be interviewed by the media.  Promoting jury prejudice to muddy up the venue decision?  (Or at least generate grounds for appeal?)  Myself, I’d just as soon not have to dodge clips of the guy when I’m just trying to get the weather report.

Oy.  On to football.  Some more miscellaneous Midwest teams play tonight and tomorrow night, but the Hokies make another Thursday night appearance, which we’ll get to in a moment.  Tulsa gives 14 at the UTEP Miners on Saturday, and is likely to cover.  In other C-USA West action, SMU heads to Houston for what is likely to be a drubbing.  But we’re pulling for the Mustangs here.  Tulsa-Houston on the 25th.

#5 Oklahoma will be at Baylor on Saturday evening, giving a conservative 15. For some reason the Sooner faithful aren’t putting their money into this one, at least not yet.  Maybe the reason is that OU has been lackadaisical and prone to rest on its laurels from one week to the next.  Baylor’s more good than bad, and improving through the season; but barely beating Kansas and Missouri isn’t a big Sign or anything.  Well, Sooner bettors probably have a case.  If Bob Stoops wants any kind of national title consideration, he’d better pound the Bears into the ground and plant a garden in their pulpy remains.

#2 OK-State will be at Iowa State on Friday evening.  The Sooner State will just have to go without FBS football this week; they’re all out of town.  The Cowboys give a very reasonable 27 at the moment, the Cyclones being 2-4 conference and basically lousy.

Navy will be at San Jose State on Saturday to duke it out with the Spartans.  The 4-6 Mids, coming off their victory over SMU, are gunning for a bowl slot and favored by 5 – which, since only Idaho has a worse record than SJSU in the WAC, is not a bad bet.

Temple is handing out 13 hosting Army, and that’s not a bad bet either, given Army’s emerging policy of losing the second half.  Chair Force hosts a 2-7 UNLV – which, having managed to lose to New Mexico, is on the short end of 23, and justifiably so.

#8 VA Tech hosts North Carolina in Blacksburg for another Thursday game.  Tech is favored by 10, which seems conservative given the Tar Heels’ lackluster performance in ACC play, and Tech’s record of resourcefulness.  North Carolina always plays long-time rival VT hard though, so there’s a good chance of a fun game.  (If a wet one:  raining and 40-ish at game time.)

Also on Thursday evening will be a couple of C-USA games, the notable one being Southern Miss – 9-1 and perched atop the East Division – versus UAB.  UAB doesn’t have a real chance, but Tulsa fans need to brush up on the Golden Eagles’ level and style of play.  Just in case of an All-Golden C-USA title bout, you know.

The Nevada Wolf Pack hosts the rival Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech (motto:  “What the heck are we doing in the WAC?”) on Saturday, and is donating 7 to the cause.  This is basically the game that will decide which of them – 4-0 (conference) Nevada or 4-1 (conference) LA Tech – will tote off the WAC title.  Incredibly, the game is not being broadcast by a major TV network, so fans outside of the local/WAC coverage media will have to make do with the online method.

In the best of the rest, it’s hard to pick a “game of the week” this time around.  Nebraska at Michigan should have some interest, although both teams have been sliding lately.  But they’re both still in contention in the Legends Division (Nebraska beat division leader Michigan State in October).

USC at #4 Oregon will keep hearts beating in the PAC-12, and it’s one to watch:  the Trojans always play the Ducks hard, and Oregon is by no means invulnerable.  Playing in Eugene should be a meaningful advantage, however.  Cal will be down the street from home base, at #9 Stanford, bolstering Andrew Luck’s newly-vulnerable case for the Heisman.

There was a time when the Penn State-Ohio State game was one of the biggest of the sporting year, but time has marched on and the water under the bridge has turned brackish.  The Buckeyes’ shot at the Leaders Division title is pretty much dead by now too, their fate being in too many hands late in the season.  The Wisconsin-Illinois match may not be especially interesting, but it will be meaningful to the Leaders Division title hunt.  (Badgers need to win.)

The Citadel, which has a habit of popping up in the schedules of ranked teams in November, will meet #12 South Carolina (motto:  “The other USC”) – and try to overcome the stink of its own child sex-abuse scandal.  #3 Alabama will host Georgia Southern, which isn’t going to help the Tide’s all-but-closed BCS case.  #6 Arkansas should beat Mississippi State, but may well have a challenge; overranked #7 Clemson isn’t likely to get much grief from North Carolina State (motto:  “They have a football team?”).

In Div II, none of the teams we have even the remotest connection with will be in the 19 November bracket for the playoffs.  So we wish the contenders well, and look forward to the championship bout in December.  (We do note that Colorado State-Pueblo, whose coaching staff performed heroically at the Big Texan steakhouse before beating NWOSU early in the season, awaits the winner of one of the first-round matches in Super Region 3.  CSU-Pueblo will play either Minnesota-Duluth or Saginaw Valley on the 26th.)

In Div III, Christopher Newport heads to Union, NJ to play Kean University in the first round of the playoffs.  Kean is the New Jersey Athletic Conference champion, and the 9-1 Cougars have been improving steadily under Coach Dan Garrett.  Cloudy and in the low 50s for the Saturday game.  Go Captains!

Franklin College, the powerhouse of the HCAC (Rose-Hulman’s conference), will have homefield advantage hosting Thomas More College, which won the Presidents’ Athletic Conference title this year.  The first-round meeting of Grizzlies and Saints will have cloudy skies and 50s in Franklin, IN on Saturday.  Good luck to the Grizzlies.



  1. CS-Pueblo is a pretty fair team. OState will roll. Who knows about Oklahoma? Please e-mail if you have any info on their current mood or how the FEEL about things.
    I repeat: SoCal is much better now. Pop Corn football, I don’t know.
    Okay: SEX !!! Did not know about Citadel.
    If the Happy Valley Police were informed all Hell is going to break loose. The missing DA thing might start to look a bit peculiar.

    But for real sex, please go back to Joyce McKinney. Went to London for fun with boyfriend. HE pressed charges against her for RAPE.
    She was Miss Wyoming World. (yes, my wife loves it). Lots of charges, counter charges,stories,rumours. They were both Mormon. Those Later Day Folks knew how to party.
    Some guy made a documentary about it. It is playing at the OKC Museum of Art this weekend.
    A Big Shout Out to J.E. for the early start to crime and football.

  2. No word on how the Sooners “feel.” But the mood here is grim. Horrible, horrible fall tree pruning season. Mess everywhere. Millions, billions of bits of gunk in hair. Back aching. Miles to go, sleep no longer in the vocabulary…

    Come on, football! May even watch me some of them miscellaneous Ohio and Michigan teams tonight.

    • Now that IS serious !!!!!!!
      If it is a show with a football, I will watch it.

      • I forgot. Georgia has turned into a serious football team. The coaching staff have done a whale of a job. The Tater Tots are lucky they Caught the Dawgs early.
        If Georgia plays the swamp people for the SEC, it could be a battle.

        • Georgia still hasn’t played anyone. The win over Auburn was impressive in its dimensions, Florida not so much. They’ve improved and have talent but the real test will be a respectable performance in the SECCG.

  3. Ohio and BGSU stadium completely empty. I’m stuck at a concert again for the OSU game, unfortunately (though hope to make 4th quarter at least).

    And yes, the Sooners will need a real beat down. They will have to shut the orsine ones down completely and drop at least 49 on them.

    • No kidding. Both of tonight’s games are ill-attended. Ohio looking like — yep, TD. 4Q with about 12 on the clock. This will put them in striking distance of Bowling Green.

      Even little ole Tulsa doesn’t have to play to stadiums this empty.

  4. And yes, the filth is really hard to avoid and believe me I’ve tried but its everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, etc…. Yuck.

  5. Okay J.E., it is time for you to put your pruners up and come inside now. Hair of the dog?

  6. Ok. Pregame observations:


    1. This last year the Hokies have been el smell-a-mundo when playing in the cool and damp, For reference check Clemson and Duke…

    2. After beating Georgia Tech on national television, and reconfiguring the team, the team has been reconfigured back. Something just runs down my spine wrong on that one.

    3. The Tar Heels always seem to be “up” for Tech. No matter how mediocre they are during the season the games are always closer than they should be, and sometimes, like in 2009 – (aided by a flu epidemic on campus) rear up and bite us. Some of this is because UNC recruits from the same region, schools, and talent pool… and part of it is because it is often a family civil war.. Folks often forget how close Blacksburg is to North Carolina.


    1. NO flu epidemic. 2009, the campus was ravaged by both of the flu varieties of that particular year. It was so bad that even Lane Stadium (season tickets that year… daughter and I were in attendance) was sedate by comparison. The dining hall (food is great at Tech) was relatively empty… kids were all sick, many players got hit… and the entire campus was just running on an empty tank.

    2. Enough Seniors left from that game, and it being senior night that there is going to be a large amount of “not this time” in the blood.

    3. The Hokies are truly really good on Thursday nights, despite some stumbles.. and this year is a “prove it” year for the new offense and defense.

    4. 5-12 yard quarterback sneaks… and a running back that is leading the NCAA in yardage.

    I won’t have a good feeling in the pit of my stomach until half way through the 4th quarter. It would be nice if Tech was on the 3rd string backups in the depth chart.


  7. Nevada vs. La Tech could be a close game. Both teams put up a lot of points with a balanced running and passing attack. But the Bulldogs are playing on the Pack’s turf, and gametime temperatures will make the passing game problematic. Look to see who can run the ball more effectively, and avoid the big mistakes.

  8. The pruning shears are down. For now. More tree leavings to bust up tomorrow for the garbage collectors.

    Serious epidemic of pass droppage with the Western Michigan receivers tonight. Never seen a receiver corps look so hapless. They’re still ahead of Miami (OH) in the 4Q.

    Well, for now. Sudden TD Syndrome: Miami (OH) brings it to 24-21 with 3 minutes left.

  9. And this one’s for Cousin Vinnie: with the police all saying that McQueary didn’t make a report to any of them, how will that affect his credibility as a witness against Sandusky? This things just gets worse and worse.

    • It should be a boon for the conspiracy theorists. The police wouldn’t just lose or misplace any evidence of a report from McQueary, would they? McQueary will probably say he spoke to a police officer but didn’t fill out a sworn incident report.

      I think it means people should back off Joe Paterno a bit. The only piece of evidence that we know he had against Sandusky was McQueary’s report. He told high university officials and put McQueary in touch with them. But, He didn’t go to the police!, you say.

      If McQ went to the police, Paterno could have done nothing to assist in making the case against Sandusky.

      If McQ lied about going to the police, his credibility on the underlying allegation is damaged.

      Sandusky’s lawyer says the young boy who was allegedly raped (who would now be an adult) will say it didn’t happen. If there are denials by the alleged victim and the accused, any impeachment of McQueary’s testimony could make it extremely difficult to get a conviction on that charge. It sounds like there are enough other incidents that Sandusky will probably be convicted of some of them, though. (That raises an interesting evidentiary issue: Can the jury consider evidence of other child rapes as proving habit or propensity to commit the others? Even if the judge tells them not to, the jury probably will.)

      • It sounds like everything is going to work out swell. Happy Valley will return to normal very quickly. No worries.

        • I don’t know about that. The NCAA may recheck their rulebook. If the coach gives a kid a ride to the airport, he’s in violation. If he gives a kid a ride on the stick pony, not so much.

          My guess is that Sandusky is playing for a plea bargain in the 4th quarter. The case against the AD and VP might go to trial, though. One good thing, it is full employment for Pennsylvania lawyers. Now the trustees of Penn State have lawyered up.

          Be sure to tune in to the Ohio State vs. Penn State matchup this weekend. (What we of poor taste are calling the “State pen” game.)

          Meanwhile, as predicted around here (except for TMF’s excess of caution) the Hokies are handling the Tarheels tonight.

  10. OSU plays Friday night in Ames. They left Stillwater earlier today.
    It is cold up there. Normal practices went by the wayside for Friday game. Iowa State doesn’t match up, should be a blow out.
    There is concern in Stillwater about a let down. OSU expectd to win by 26 (spread).
    Does that sound familiar to anyone?

  11. Hokies can’t defend in the secondary to save their lives tonight.

    Well, OK, it’s not that bad. But it’s been a weakness. Now the Tar Heels are threatening, down by 3, 24-21 , with 2 and some left, after a wide-open receiver enjoyed a leisurely scamper to the 4 yard line and a TD ensued.

    See, that’s the stuff you have to interdict, Hokies.

    Well, Wilson just picked up boocoo yards, and maybe VT can get the game to end before NCU can do any more damage.

    Incredible news: UAB up 34-31 on Southern Miss (!!!!!) with a minute or so left. UAB with the ball. Biff zowie kapow.

  12. Well,

    From my perspective on the couch in the man cave, with eldest son and his comment line of tons of other home bound Hokies:

    1. Told you this wasn’t going to be easy. UNC is always “up” for Tech, no matter what their record looks like. Renner – treacherous twit grew up the kid of a Hokie (father was the punter back when I was in college so the Lane Stadium “mystique” isn’t so mystique-ful…)

    2. It was COLD and WINDY (ok so that’s Blacksburg in the mid fall to late winter) but that condition makes ball handling and kicks a brutal mess… anybody who has played football in 25 degree weather with a 15 to 25 mph windchill knows that it becomes a rock. The wind also breaks up the sound of the 12th man… which is a major Lane Stadium benefit.

    3. Defensive Preparedness was spotty. A) offensive line had some serious issues as was evident from the first play of scrimmage. Carolina’s Defensive line will probably be drafted en masse, they are that good. Tech’s left side was not having a good day against the TarHeel right. B) the Defense needed to stay pretty close to the D that Foster put in for the Georgia Tech game. Jack Tyler is going to be a really great linebacker over the next two years, and his speed and awareness got him put back into the game. C) the Secondary was playing too far off, and the respect for Renner’s arm and the head taller size of the UNC receivers was not where it needed to be. D) Foster tried to cover too much and didn’t put enough pressure on Renner… I counted a bare handful of blizes (most of which rattled Renner or sacked him once..) All this when Renner has a reputation of throwing picks when he is pressured. Poor decision on Foster’s part that almost lost them the game. The Defense was just not aggressive enough.

    4. Offensive Play Calling, especially in the 1st and 4th quarters was awful. Especially in the 4th quarter where with great field position on two series that could have put the game away with any score, Tech opted for the “prevent” offense of running it up the middle twice and passing into an inadequate pattern set on 3rd down. All this when edge runs to the weak side of the formation, and fast slants off tackle were not beeing stopped by UNC. Logan Thomas was manful, again… but he wasn’t getting much help from his receivers. There were too many drops, and too many short efforts when Thomas had to put the ball high to keep it from being picked. Before we face Clemson again, the play calling has to get smarter, more adaptive, and prudently aggressive.

    A win is a win, but Virginia awaits at Scott Stadium next Saturday. Regardless of how the Cavalier vs Seminole game goes on this Saturday, NEXT Saturday, UVA is going to be UP to get some revenge and pick the Commonwealth Cup out of Hokie pockets… Hokies are going to need to play TWO better games in the next month… much better games.


  13. Very sad news: The OSU ladies basketball coach, along with his assistant, were killed in a plane crash last night. Recruiting in Arkansas. There were others on the plane. No survivors.

  14. Sad news indeed. Saw that earlier today. Heartfelt condolences to the Cowboy Nation on that sad loss.

  15. OSU looking non-dominating in the first half. Turnover City. Who’d-a thunk the one TD so far would have been provided by the defense?

    Well, OK, that literally just changed Weeden-to-Blackmon for a TD.

    Toledo’s up 17-10 on Central Michigan.

  16. Um … OC … what, precisely, is happening in Ames? This is most disturbing.

  17. Brief summary: Oklahoma State borrowed the kicker from Boys Estate. Iowa State played for OT. Two TDs by ISU in OT, INT by OSU in 2d OT. 37-31.

    • Tracked the game all evening… Danged Cyclones blew my first Yahoo Pick… Though I had hovered over the Iowa State tag a few times thinking UPSET PICK of the Year… but said “Nah” on second thought… Rule#1 of football picks .. don’t over think it… I violated rule 1… got burned.

      Terrible game for the Jr. Boots. Maybe it’s punishment for the ugly gray uni’s

      Their QB looked pretty lame in the second half, and their running game didn’t “look” at all.

      And of course Iowa State was “UP” for it.

      Anyway, GO CAPTAINS!!! 1st round playoff in Jersey today.

      If the ‘Noles chump the Hoos, the Hokies win the ACC Costal. I won’t risk further destroying the weekend Football Karma by rooting for FSU, so I will remain cautiously optimistic.


      • Oh well, Son #2 won’t be marching in any Thanksgiving weekend playoff games… Looks pretty bad for the Captains. 34-7 them… at the half no less…

        Guess it’s another first round hit for USA South. But hey, the Captains had a winning season and a Conference championship. They just ran out of steam and first string players.

        Next year!!!

        • Bummer! Sorry to hear the Captains are down quite so much. Does seem unlikely they’ll come back from that — rapid scoring and big-deficit comebacks are even rarer in Div III than in the FBS.

          But it’ll be gratifying if #2 son is spared the Thanksgiving holiday marching obligation.

  18. I suppose (vainly hope?) that blowouts by the Sooners against Baylor and in Stillwater can still get them into the title game.

    • I am afraid the loss by OSU is bad for Oklahoma. The Sooners will not have a Chance of beating the # 2 team on their home field. The final ” maybe” scenarios have evaporated for OU.
      If the BCS came out this morning:
      If no one loses (who knows), it will be a beauty contest. OU is not pretty enough. Texas Tech Texas Tech.
      OU can lose in Stillwater.
      Humility is only seven days away.
      The OSU bus broke down. The team arrived at the stadium 30 mins before kick off. They dressed and flipped the coin.

  19. In a related story: Many Div I kickers will be entering the witness
    protection program at the end of the season.
    The 4 scholarship kickers at OU will be shipped to Botswana. At their own expense.

  20. That was just appalling last night. A replay of the OU loss to Texas Tech, only worse in spirit, because Iowa State is so sucky. (Or at least has been for a long, long time.)

    It was like OSU hadn’t prepared for the game at all, whereas the Cyclones had spent weeks watching game video of Weeden, Blackmon, and Randle. ISU certainly didn’t look reliably tough, but in the end, they got the job done.

    Weeden’s Heisman chances seem to be headed the direction Luck’s are.

    Both of my brothers are OSU alums, so this hurts even beyond the implications for OU’s outside BCS shot.

    Here’s how the BCS chaos would get quickly fixed: Oregon beats the socks off USC. Then the BCS computer could make it LSU, Oregon, Alabama, without frying its motherboard in embarrassment. (I don’t think the computer cares if 1 and 2 are both in the SEC, but the humans who have to make the BCSBG decision do.)

    Michigan and Nebraska in a pretty evenly matched duke-out.

    Wisconsin trailing Illinois?

    Georgia only up 12-10 on Kentucky?

    South Carolina (motto: “The other USC”) has let the Citadel score 13 points???

    • Weeden went from frontrunner (IMO) to out of the top 5. This in spite of what was in some respects and great performance (Yds, C%, give or take an interception or 2).

    • Just a little Southrun homestate courtesy from the Gamecocks.

      • The Ole Ball Coach just keeps doing it. He should be able to tee off on time tomorrow.

  21. Alternatively Oregon struggles against U.S.C, Bama has trouble with Auburn (see 2009 Bama NC team v. ‘Burn sans Newton, Farley) and OU scores tons AND shuts down the formidable Os from Baylor and OSU. The computers love the Big-whatever so its possible. Unfortunately OU has shown little proclivity to do this.

    I was hoping OSU would win out but to be honest there defense has been something less than consistently impressive this year. That was most unappealing last night.

  22. Also is it me but is there something odd and somehow unpleasant about Nebraska in the Big 10.

    Wisconsin takes lead and Florida comes back against Furman.

    • Blast it!!!! … is it me or is there ….

  23. Gators have to score 40 to beat Furman?????
    Huskers lay very nice egg.
    State rolls Clemson.
    Demon Deacons !!!!!!!!!
    Death and destruction at the Yale/Harvard game. Truck runs over fans and kills 2 in parking lot.. Havard and Yale?
    I am pulling for SoCal. Very strange indeed.
    The Medford, Oregon Airport is going to sell 25′ by 25′ advertising spaces on the control tower. I am thinking of buying ” DUCKS SUCK” for 6 months.
    OU by 24

  24. Gators aren’t what they’ve been this year.

    Clemson, on the other hand, is exactly what they’ve been. Who called it, huh?? HUH???? Outta the top 10, fools! Losing to North Carolina State (motto: “They have a football team?”), for crying out loud.

    Tulsa romps over UTEP 57-28. Fun game, although TU lost a couple of key linemen to injuries. That won’t help against Houston on Friday. But how about that Trey Watts, huh?

    Houston was shut down pretty effectively in the first half by SMU, but took charge in the second to come out of it 37-7.

    Navy hanging in there with SJSU, on the short end of 27-24, with a little over 2 in the game.

    Miami (Da U) over South Florida 6-3? Did both the starting QBs break their legs?

    We are extremely sorry to report that LA Tech (motto: “What the heck are we doing in the WAC?”) beat Nevada out 24-20 for the WAC title. The teams each play again, but the WAC bragging rights have been bagged and tagged for the season.

    LSU and Ole Miss have kicked off.

    The pain of “rooting for” USC would be indescribable, if I made the effort. My preferred course of action is hexing Oregon.

    • That was an absolutely atrocious second half collapse by the Wolf Pack against the Bulldogs. At home, no less. I wouldn’t want to be the sports guy tasked with interviewing the Nevada coach.

  25. Sadly, the CNU Captains did lose to Kean, 34-10. But the goods news is that a junior Fahvaag will be excused from an extracurricular Thanksgiving march.

    The Franklin Grizzlies, standard-bearers of the HCAC, defeated Thomas More 24-21 to advance to the next round of the Div III playoffs. Good going, Grizzlies!

    Navy’s ship done sunk. 27-24, SJSU. Navy, now 4-7, won’t be bowl-eligible this year. But there’s only one game that matters, and it’s played on 10 December 2012.

    Army fell to Temple 42-14. The Black Knights are 3-8.

    Chair Force is up 21-10 on UNLV in the 2Q.

    As wreed mentioned, mayhem reigned in the Ivy League today, as Harvard beat Yale 45-7. We feel sure this is important to someone.

    And yes, there’s a strange taste to the “Nebraska in the Big 10” thing. Nebraska tastes funny, the Big 10 tastes funny. We think the whole thing needs some oregano.

  26. Generally dull day of football but so many fun games tonight.

    LSU 21-0. Have been ripped to shreds all day by ESPN an counted out of the BCSCG, their current record notwithstanding.

    5:11 left in the 1st

  27. As I was saying: Virginia/Florida State + Oregon/USC + Stanford/Cal (OU/Baylor of course but they ain’t on the TEVEE here).

    Heck I even find Vandy/Tennessee strangely compelling. Vandy used to be quite the football power in the first 3rd of the last century (what).

    One would contemplate OC’s prospective rooting interest here: on the one hand Vandy are like Commodores and Tennessees’s most famous coach was an Army general for Pete’s sake. On the other there is the Vol Navy ….

  28. Vandy and the Vols? Seriously?

    Huccome no mention of Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”) at UCLA? That game is on Versus here and is more strangely compelling, as it were, than the Tennessee game. It was really exciting just now: UCLA completed a pass. Ooooh!

    If OU-Baylor isn’t on the tube here, like it’s supposed to be, well, there’s nothing I can do about ESPN, but they’d better be ready for a lot of spontaneous tash-can fires…

    • OU walking around in a daze. Stoops yelling at players to get off their butts and do something. I guess the OU guys didn’t have a chance to look at their stars or burn some incense.
      I hope they find their center. After all, everyone gets a trophy
      these days.
      Play football for OU. It is a very sensitive team.
      I certainly hope they organize their bio-rhythms and maybe have some wheat germ later. Soft fluffy pillows for everyone on the trip home.

  29. UCLA has now scored twice, and it’s still the same game. I can’t believe anyone would be watching Vanderbilt-Tennessee.

    • Colorado has been so bad for so long……………….

  30. Well, I’m going to pass on Vandy/Tennessee but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some regret about having to do so.

    28-0 LSU.

    I’m pretty much done here. V/T is at least competitive but Virginia/FSU more significant. Perhaps I’ll look into UCLA/Colorado as well for a spell but … will do mostly Oregon/USC from this point. Not sure what to root for: big Oregon win to keep Bama from a rematch or a close game/loss to leave some space for the Sooners to try and squeeze in.

  31. The hex on Oregon is working, but now we have this situation with OU and Baylor.

    This is really most annoying.

    UCLA is up 24-6 on Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”)

    OK, make that 31-6.

    Sooners NOT on the tube here (another lie from ESPN), but that’s probably a good thing.

    • You are not missing anything. See above.

  32. With 24 seconds left, I think it’s a safe bet Mississippi isn’t coming back from its 52-3 deficit with LSU.

  33. Vandy/Tennessee turned out to be the best game (well, I Baylor/OU is a good game but ….).

    So rematch … I guess? Ugh. Everyone seems convinced Ar Kansas will beat LSU. The former lost to Bama by 24 and beat Ole Miss by 5. I dunno. Even if LSU looses they get the rematch with Ar-Kansas rather than Bama whom they beat in Tuscaloosa. Plus the latter could still loose to Auburn and if OSU beats OU … oh never mind.

  34. Looks like the Commonwealth Cup will mean something his year. The ‘Hoos were helped greatly by a terrible FSU effort. Their quarterback is tepid to poor, their defensive line was slow and ineffective on the pass rush… and their secondary was playing too far off to stop the 10-15 yard routes…

    So no help for the Hokies from the Seminoles… Guess Logan Thomas is going to get his wish. The Family Feud is going to mean something a little bit more special this year.

    In the mean time Clemson is still, after all, Clemson… and doomed to act that way. Wonder what the ACC Power Poll will look like on Monday?


  35. Let us line up a little review here:

    Oregon has lost to the ineligible Prophylactics…
    Oklahoma State took a dirt nap
    Clemson did a Clemson, and is likely to repeat it again next week with SC

    The Sooners are having everything RGIII can throw at them.. and barely keeping pace… at this posting 38-31 Baylor with less than 4 in the game.

    The BCS computers are going to short out, the electrical smoke is already setting off the alarms.

    wow… crazy finish to a really weird season.

  36. It’s turning into Upset Week, sponsored by Pepto-Bismol.

    Ducks fail to tie on a last second FG attempt. The announcers said the kicker hadn’t kicked much beyond 40 yds, so it was stretching his range. (The curse of being on a good team. With a lesser team, he learns to kick 40+ yards or he’s not much use.) Kickers have been having their troubles lately. I guess we’ve run out of Zendejas brothers, cousins and nephews.

    OU needs a TD and extra point to tie. Three minutes is plenty of time left, though.

    • That was an exciting game. L Jones brought the Sooners to a TD and OU was going to go for 2 for a win. After a penalty, they chose to tie it up. But Baylors’s R Griffin III was at least equal as QB.

      Baylor, aided by a timeout taken by OU, scored a last TD and extra point to take it 45-38.

      Somebody needs to explain to me the rationale of taking a timeout that the opposition would love to call — if they had any timeouts.

  37. Oklahoma goes down to Baylor 45/38 on an RGIII (who should get the Heismann just for this game) engineered drive when before a completely insane Sooner time out the Bears looked to be content to play for OT…

    Not enough rain this year… dust for brains in Oklahoma…

    Weird weird weird… the blaze in the BCS computer room is going to melt steel…

    • Dang. You beat me again, TMF. I had to get up to refill my glass.

  38. Sigh.

  39. Umm … because …. and …

    Now an LSU loss to Arky would be one thing but what, pray, happens if LSU wins and Bama looses? Who do the Bayou Bengals even play?

  40. Bob was really stupid for calling time out with .46 left. Baylor was obviously going to run the clock out and go to overtime.
    He screwed up big time. He will admit it. He is a stand up guy.
    No one in Oklahoma called time out except Bob.
    The dust for brains comment is a childish temper tantrum there Mighty.
    Regards to everyone !!!!!!!

    • Now, now. I’m sure Mighty meant only that BOB has dust for brains.

      I figure that that very unique, artistic timeout call was meant to be an “operational pause,” like when the US ground forces took an operational pause in their advance on Baghdad in March 2003.

      Of course, in 2003, Saddam didn’t have the ball at midfield with 40-some seconds left. More importantly, the score wasn’t 38-all. It was something like 77-2, USA.

      Now I’ve got to turn the TV off so I can get away from these endless interviews with Trojan players, Trojan coaches, and Trojan fans.

      Fat lot of good it did for USC to win. Huh. See if I ever hex a USC opponent again.

      • The game was lost for many reasons. The reason at the end was the false start going for two. Bell would probably gotten in. Baylor couldn’t stop it. Bob wpould not have called time out. Baylor had no time outs. OU escapes with an embarrasing win.
        Bob going for two in regulation says a lot about many parts of the game. Also about the state of the Oklahoma team at present. Shreveport anyone?
        My son is 16, we had to put him in the rubber room for the 4th quarter.
        PS: The confusion between the Strong Side Safety and Corner has been there all year long. In cover 2 neither safety understands their responsibilities. I guess they will take a look at that next year.
        You can tell when you see little fast guys running wide open posts play after play.
        Most of the time Robert can’t hit the broad side of a barn. BUT, when a mobile QB gets a hot hand, it is deadly.
        Oh well Popcorn Football doesn’t work either. The Ducks’ coach is always very stylish with the white cover always at just the right angle.
        No happines in Soonerville, Stillwater,Lincoln,Clemson,or Eugene.
        My stomach got upset after pulling for SoCal.

    • Hey now…

      Oklahoma and dust are often one and the same… (current climatic long term drought and all -having nothing to do with gloobal worming and everything to do with Old unforgiving Mother Nature)

      If Frank had called that time out… I’d have called it Virginia Orange Clay for brains.. And Beamer has to be one of the smartest, most stand up decent coaches in football, College or pros… But bone headed moves are bone headed moves…

      It was er um… ok I’ll be nice… Ill advised…

      Be that as it may, yes as Vinnie has noted it will go down in NCAA football history as the day sponsored by Pepto… and Kidde for the number of computer fires put out by their fire extinguishers…

      Expect the polls to be late today. Especially the BCS poll

      I expect that Clemson will drop to the mid to high teens, FSU will drop out, Virginia will replace them at around 20-25…

      LSU stays on top, and frankly they should just save the money, use the bowl for something more fun, and send the Crystal Ball Trophy to Les Miles, should the Tigers win the SEC championship game.

      It is going to be interesting at Scott Stadium next Saturday. I expect it to be a nationally televised game, too. Making it three in a row for Tech.

      Weird…. Weirder… Weirdest….


  41. And yes, that FSU-Virginia game was just weird.

    UCLA wins 45-6. Stanford taking charge after an uneven start with Cal. 28-13, Crayola Hue, in the 3Q.

    The big BCS mover this week will apparently be Arkansas. Who else can it be? Of course Alabama will be back at #2, but it’s hard to justify a big pole-vault by anyone else over the Ignoble Fallen of the top 10.

    At least Tulsa won.

  42. Ok, here is what I want (which means none of it will happen): big LSU win over Arky; Bama loss to ‘Burn; big OSU win in Bedlam (does a big win over OU even do them any good) … and then maybe we can get some sort of decent outcome here.

  43. As predicted, the BCS computer rankings had a serious meltdown. OSU ended up 2 on the computer scale… um… I know the JE tie and all.. and I kind of liked seeing the Cowboys do well.. but um… NO… 2 is a complete flooie… GIGO event. Stanford’s rank was also pretty much on the “trash in the hopper” sort of rating.

    What needed to happen is the BCS analysts needed to look at their numbers and their results and do something that all good data analysts do.. Question the results and go back to validate them against what is known.

    I personally think that Virginia Tech is rated too high in the Coaches poll… Not that top 5 ranking isn’t sexy cool or anything.. but frankly Tech needs two more wins, and convincing ones at that, before I will put my rating at that level.

    IF the Hokies beat UVA, then I can see some reason for that number. IF they then beat Clemson… well the case for the 3-5 range is a potentially good one… 3 if they beat Clemson by more than 20. 5 if not.

    Still two weeks of significant football to be played… Division and Conference Championships are still up for grabs.

    But the case for a real 32 team playoff is currently being strongly made by the play on the field. Time for the NCAA to realize that the current system is all about gambling, money, and the people running the show getting to line their pockets on the backs of kids (many of whom have no business being in college at all).

    I just spent a season going to Division III football games… They were exciting, well played, and most of all the players (who are actual students at the school) were there because they loved to play football.

    Hokies have 1 week to prepare for a serious challenge. They are clearly the better team right now, but will they be on Saturday at roughly 6:00 PM?


    • Very much appreciate TMF’s lucid and forceful commentary on issues and his pungent observations on the football.

      With all due respect, however, the notion of a 32 team playoff to determine the college football national championship has about as much to recommend it as mothballing 6 carrier groups and raising the top individual rate to something in the neighborhood of 60% as a solution to our budget problems.

      The tradition and logistics arguments have been extensively rehearsed and need not be repeated here. Importantly, there is absolutely no need for an 8 team much less a 32 team playoff to find out who the best teams are. The dreaded, but in this case rather reliable “Eye Ball” test tells us now (subject to this weekend’s games) and has for nearly two months that those two teams are LSU and Alabama. Furthermore, the depth and physical character of these teams almost guarantees that the tradition crushing, logistically problematic final would include precisely these two teams.

      To some extent this is unfair and tradition-compromising in that LSU went into Alabama and beat them. A rematch will diminish the significance of that regular season game would be unfair to LSU because they could loose a national championship in a game at a (somewhat) neural sight after having defeated the same opponent at home. Still, better this than the absurd pretense that there are 30 or 14 or even 6 other teams that can credibly claim a shot at a national championship.

      • After the 2007 season I was systematically attacked by all the New York fans about the superiority of the NFL method of determining the best team. I dismissed this absurd proposition at the time and once again when it was raised by pretty much everyone at the office this Monday.

        Very much contrary to their assertions, the 2007 season proved that in all the alleged “unfairness” and chaos of the BCS that year the eventual champion, these self-same Bayou Bungles (and the did bungle rather extensively that year) could actually make a much more legitimate claim to be the best in their sport than the New York Giants. The latter had lost to New England at home (in spite of, wisely, going all in in that game) and beat them on a a fluke play in the last minute and a half of the Super Bowl. That last win and the process that led to eat crowned them as the official and legitimate “Super Bowl” Champions but in no way did it demonstrate their status as the “Best Team” more convincingly than the rather messy sequence of events that led to LSU’s crowning.

        I am certainly not suggesting getting rid of the Super Bowl and, indeed, the pro game is so different from the college that the playoff system that would be absurd in the latter works very well in the former. Rather, I am saying that the alleged inferiority of the college “methodology” (to the limited extent that it is “methodical”) is generally much exaggerated if not flat out wrong.

        • Happy Thanksgiving to OC, TMF, Wreed and the whole CF gang!

          • Same at you!

  44. Well Bobs’ weekly press conference should be interesting today.
    Texas Tech torched OU for an all time record amount of yardage in Norman.
    Baylor broke that record in Waco by about a hundred yards.
    The disarray in the secondary is a hot topic. Has been for a while.Willie Martinez call your office.
    Bob has already fessed up about the time out call. The offensive lineman that moved on the 2 pointer should go to Botswana with the kickers.
    The local press likes and respects Bob. There will be some heat though. The program has plateaued over the last 3 or 4 years and can’t seem to get over the hump.
    That plateau is good enough for most schools, but not OU. The team has gotten worse as the season progressed. The injuries have an impact. There is more to it than that.
    Look for the Bell Dozer package to be used more often.
    If there are 2 or three losses next year, Bob will have to make some changes. He is a four million dollar guy. Just built a HUGE
    Grand Estate in Norman.
    He, like Switzer before him, is going to have to produce in his mid tenure years or play golf in Youngstown.
    Right or wrong, that is the way it is in the big time.

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