Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | November 11, 2011

Low life (or, NCAA football, Week 11)

We note up front that NCAA football week 11 falls in the week of 11/11/11, which to us seems pretty handy.

Welcome to this Veterans Day edition, from your complete source for opinions on Penn State and its unseemly administration.  We’re going to rely on our energetic reader-correspondents to provide most of that, pausing to note that the whole incident is sad and bizarre, up to and including the long-missing, now-declared-dead DA who did not prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998.  Penn State officials appear to have been terribly wrong, and for a long time, in their handling of this situation.  No set of laws or policies is a magic pill that prevents something like this; the best society can do, acting in its institutional capacity, is to warn and punish those in positions of responsibility who don’t take it seriously.  To the extent that there is a remedy, it lies elsewhere.  Penn State could not be a father to these boys; they needed fathers of their own.

A bunch of teams from the old Midwest have already played this week, and the #10 Hokies and Yellowjackets duked it out Thursday night in the ACC Coastal Division signature bout.  After a weird third quarter featuring the usual nonsense with penalties and turnovers, the Hokies surged back into the lead to take the Yellowjackets, who couldn’t seem to tackle to save their lives, 37-26.  VA Tech, 9-1, has North Carolina and the Yahoos of Virginia in the final two weeks, and should certainly be favored over both.  (For more insightful commentary on the game, see the comments section of the “8 November IAEA report” post.)

Tulsa hosts Marshall’s Thundering Herd in broad daylight on Saturday (11:00 AM Central), and is expected to do what a hurricane usually does to a herd of livestock.  Tulsa is 6-3 to Houston’s 11-0 in C-USA West, but Houston hasn’t played Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or Boise State this year (nor did Houston beat Notre Dame last year).  Oh, heck, point by point Houston probably is the better team (mowed down Tulane 73-13 last night), but Tulsa’s got some impressive offensive talent if they can tilt the defense a little more toward the stop-em-cold end of the spectrum, and away from the excuse-laden bend-but-don’t-break end.  The Golden Hurricane will have homefield advantage for the epic bout with Keenum & Pals on the 25th.

#6 Oklahoma has a bye this week, gearing up for the confrontation with Baylor on the 19th.  #2 Oklahoma State will be at Texas Tech, which specializes in knocking off Big 12 leaders in Lubbock.  The Cowboys, like Tulsa, could stand to tilt their spectrum, defensive-M.O-wise.  OSU gives the Red Raiders 19 in the line, but they’d better watch their six.  Since I’m sure the citizens of Oklahoma can’t get away from the refrain about Les Miles having been at OSU Back in the Day, I won’t go into it here.

Navy, buoyed by the win over Troy, travels to an SMU smarting from its Tulsa loss and still gunning for that outside chance against Houston.  (The two meet on the 19th.)  The oddsdudes have SMU giving Navy 8, which is probably about right.  But we say Go Navy!!  A Navy win is always a positive thing, and every loss for SMU helps Tulsa – except in the Houston game.  On the 19th, it’ll be all Go Mustangs! around here.

Army hosts Rutgers, with the Scarlet Foofy Boys giving 8.   Air Force hosts Wyoming and should rack up another win.

Nevada hosts the Wolf Pack’s annual bout with Hawaii, and gives 16, which may be a tad conservative.  The 5-4 Warriors have, after all, managed to lose to UNLV this year.  Even playing in the WAC, they have to travel a long way for their away games – and, especially in the WAC, they’re often playing at unfamiliar elevations (Reno:  Approximately 4500 feet).  Wolf Pack QB Cody Fajardo is reportedly slated to start, after swelling the herd of injured players stampeding off the field in the New Mexico State game a couple of weeks ago.

In the best of the rest, the clear leading contender for Game of the Week is #7 Oregon at #4 Stanford.  (LSU and Alabama are playing creampuffs this week:  Western Kentucky and Mississippi State, respectively.)  The Ducks and Candy Pink are playing for the PAC-12 North and most probably the Rose Bowl.  (The parlous state of the PAC-12 South is evident from the 7-2 record of non-conference-leader USC, which AP but not the BCS has in the top 25.)  Look for lots of offensive derring-do, once the Ducks get their hearts started midway through the 2Q.  Ducks v. Luck:  be there, 5:00 PM Pacific.  (Note to Ducks:  don’t wear the nasty neon-gray outfits, huh?)

#5 Boise State hosts TCU in the deciding bout for the Mountain West, and of course the speculation about a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl rematch with OU has been rampant for a while now.  We figure Mountain West is the Broncos’ to lose.

On-field drama may actually erupt with Nebraska at Penn State.  The 8-1 Nittally Lions are perched atop the Big 10 Leaders Division, but in theory can still be caught by Ohio State or Wisconsin.  The Buckeyes host the annual face-off next week, and PSU has to travel to Wisconsin for the final regular-season game on the 26th.  It ain’t over in the Big 10, that’s for sure:  all of Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, and Michigan are still in it, over in the Legends Division.  So Nebraska will be gunning hard tomorrow.

Cal actually gives 9 hosting the O-State Beavers.

In Div II, SWOSU beat the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys 23-20 last week, which seems a little tight for beating a passel of Wonder Boys.  But the Bulldogs are up to 5-5 (3-4 conference), and face Arkansas-Monticello in Monticello for their final game tomorrow.  (70 and cloudy.)  UAM may be 4-6, but its Weevils have a thoroughly excellent team name.  SWOSU is not in contention in the Great American Conference – Ouachita Baptist, 6-0 conference, has run away with it – so Saturday’s game will close out the season.

We regret to report that the NWOSU Rangers lost their final season game to Panhandle State last week.  Langston U took the Central States Football League, as expected.  The Div II championship game will be held in Florence, AL on 17 December, but bracket info for the playoffs will await the results of this weekend’s games.  Ouachita Baptist is currently ranked #7 in Super Region 4.

In Div III, Christopher Newport is in command of USA South, having defeated Ferrum last week.  The 7-2 Captains host the Scots of Maryville College (Tennessee), who come to Newport News at 4-5.  TMF is our man in southeast Virginia keeping up on what all this means for CNU’s immediate football future, and the consequences for the CNU band.  The Captains are ranked #10 in the Div III South Region after last week.  63 and sunny in POMOCO Stadium.

Rose-Hulman topped Anderson in a shoot-out last week, 53-50.  The Fightin Engineers have a pretty good shot at finishing 5-5, as they travel to take on the 0-9 Earlham College Quakers tomorrow in Richmond, IN (58 and cloudy).  We note that HCAC’s top-gunning Franklin Grizzlies (who blanked the Quakers 59-0 last week) are ranked #4 in the Div III North Region.  Div III will play its championship game on 16 December in Salem, VA.



  1. Goodwell does have a selection of indoor plumbing.
    The Tulsa coach is doing a very good job.
    The student body rioting to support those who cover for child molesters was touching.
    Paterno made some very nasty public remarks about Switzer when OU exploded in 1988. Switzer never responded, never said a negative word. He praised Paterno for being an honorable man.
    The old saying is true: If you stand by the river long enough, your enemies will float by.
    Missouri can beat Texas straight up.
    The OSU defense is still bad.
    OU embarrassed Penn State 25-10 for the 85 Championship. Hats off to Tenn for upsetting Miami of course. Go to you tube and watch Lydell Carr (OU Fullback) outrun the Lions secondary for the late TD. Carr was a true 4.5 FULLBACK.

  2. No need to worry about any big ten games anymore as the entire conference has decided to beat each other up. Penn St. – Nebraska means nothing anymore since the scandal will over power everything. Michigan-Illinois would have been a great game 3 weeks ago. Everyone else is average.

    Have to agree Oregon-Stanford tilt is the cream of the weekend, and that OSU game is worth watching.

    • Big 10(11)(12) has been kinda random the whole year and unfortunately it just got a lot randomer (not a word), uglier and irrelevanter.

  3. I don’t think the powerful Bulldogs of Mississippi State would appreciate being compared to the Hilltopers of WKU, especially since they beat the Crimson Tide a few short years ago, are playing at home, almost kept up with LSU for a half, and the same Crimson Tide is beat up and hardly motivated. We’d be surprised to see less than a 2 TD win for the latter but it will not, perhaps, be all that creamy of puffy.

    Houston has played NOBODY. They had a hard time with UCLA, for Pete’s sake. Fun to watch and follow the stats but hardly a championship caliber team.

    Really don’t see trouble in Lubbock but you never know. (Neither do I buy that the OU loss was SO bad because of the last two weeks. The team that got thrashed at home and in Austin was obviously very different from the one that prevailed in Norman. The “Computers” may not be able to tell the difference but the “Humans” should. Still a bad loss in a season of – considering the reasonable expectations – extravagant mediocrity but not THAT bad).

    Finally the Ducks trying their Luck: don’t know. If Stanford can run on them (a bit like LSU) and keep the Nikied ones of the field I like their chances. Obviously a fairly effective and physical running team which has a fair chance of doing that. Not perhaps LSU caliber in that respect but much better QBed. Game is also interesting in that it provides something of a reference point for Stanford vs. LSU. With a bit of Luck (sorry) I might be able to catch a decent part of the 2nd half (sigh). (DVRing, ‘course but not same thing and probably won’t have a chance to watch, especially with the excellent NFL lineup this weekend).

  4. 14-0. Roar, Hurricane, roar!

    • Good start for Tulsa against the Thundering Herd. Of course, if you can’t run the ball against Woody Herman’s orchestra, you should hang it up. Clemson should be getting its “Wake” up call any time now. No score yet at Nebraska/Penn State.

  5. Not getting the OK-State game here. A rout so far, however. Keep it up, Pokes.

    Nice to get to see Tulsa on a non-nosebleed channel. Today’s game looks surprisingly ill-attended, for a gorgeous fall afternoon in T-Town.

  6. Geez Louise. 168 yards for OSU — in the first quarter.

    28-0 and they’re crowding the Tech goal line again. Wonder how many COwboy fans made it to Lubbock for this one.

  7. 28-0 with 14:37 in the 2nd. Very national championshippy. (On ABC here). And we get the Tulsa game. Very impressive. They can smell the astroturf in New Orleans already.

    Some say the toughness of Stanford + some Luck might be a better matchup with LSU. Dunno. LSU wins that battle hands down, I think.

    Make that 35-0. Going to try Tulsa, or maybe Harvard-Penn for a bit of variety.

  8. It’s smelling out like an Offense Day, for sure. OSU just racked up ANOTHER TD.

    So did Tulsa. 21-3 over Marshall with most of the 2Q still to play.

    And tonight we’ll have an offense-fest with Ducks v. Luck.

    Even LSU ought to be able to look pretty offense-y against WKU.

    Nebraska draws first blood, up 3 on the Nittally Lions.

  9. Oooh. Kentucky v. Vandy. Could be exciting.

  10. Apparently OSU’s last TD before the half was invalidated? Anybody got the scoop on that?

    • They didn’t buy it from Microsoft.

  11. Tulsa muscles another one across the goal line. 35-3, almost the half. 398 Tulsa yards so far.

    No way, Marshall blows the kickoff reception, Tulsa recovers. Ball on Herd 16 — TD, Hurricane! Puts TU over 400 yards for the first half. 42-3. Still 40-some seconds left in the half.

  12. Missouri blocks short horn punt. Missouri ball on horn 1. Midway through 3rd. FG Tigers. 17-3 Tigers.
    OSU may score 80.

  13. Short horns went with McCoy over Ash to start the third. McCoy very accurate up to 6 yards. Throws like my wife. The short horn receivers dropping the ball quite often. That IS outstanding.

    • Entirely respectable for Texas with the losses to Top 5 OU, OSU. Now this. Yikes. Mac Brown. Trouble. Does Urban Meyer go to tOSU (which is officially available after today) or does he wait for Texas?

      • His long term health is an issue. Stress of coaching will shorten his life. He felt he was close to a heart attack at Florida. I wish him well.
        Regards to you.

        • Obviously he’ll have to consider his health very carefully. People can’t wait to place him in some prominent program and he has not shot down the notion in anything like a definitive manner. We’ll have to see.

          Let’s hope he makes a prudent decision but it would be great to see him back on an important sideline.

  14. We seem to be “stuck” at 56.

    Missouri continues.

    Oops. Make that 63. Long TD pass.

  15. The Ole Ball Coach keeps doing it with mirrors. Gamecocks over the Gators.
    Short Horns are one game shorter.
    Hats off to Tulsa and OSU. Nice beatdown in Lubbock. I hope Craig James little boy enjoyed it.
    Huskers cut through all the crap.

  16. Yeah, Spurrier strikes again.

    Clemson had a lot of trouble with Wake. The Tigers just aren’t that good. Every year some team seems to keep floating around unaccountably above #15, and Clemson’s “it” this year.

    Army and Navy both draw first blood in their bouts, up 6 and 3 over, respectively, Rutgers and SMU.

    Some weird scores for games in progress:

    Kansas 17, Baylor 3 (3Q)
    North Texas 38 (!), Troy 27 (4Q)
    Wyoming 12 Chair Force 10 (3Q)

  17. Interception duel! Navy-SMU!! Fight! Fight!

  18. Tater Tots go down. Tot kicker misses FG from the 20 with time running out. He missed against Nevada last year with time running out. ( You could see the fear in the eyes of the Tot QB on the drive. He was visibly shaken after the TCU late score and they went for two!!!!!)
    Officials tried to help the Tots with a bogus pass interference call on 4th down ( on final drive). Ball was 10 yards over the receivers’ head. The booth guys couldn’t believe the call.
    Fiesta Bowl: Tots vs Sooners. ( Sooners bring their A Game) I love football !!!!!!

    • Wow. Second year in a row the Boys Estate kicks away an undefeated season. Against Nevada they should never have been in position to win with a FG in regulation. Kellen Moore connected with an unbelievable pass about 50 yards downfield.

      And it appears that Stanford’s cardinal red carriage is turning into an orange pumpkin about midnight eastern standard time.

  19. PS: my wife is a long suffering Wyoming fan. She lived in Wyoming after Va Beach for 7 years before OKC.
    Air Force goes down. Wife excited. I still don’t understand the Do Do brown jerseys.

  20. Evening report from Newport News… those Christopher Newport Captains are now the unequivocal champions of the USA South Conference with a stout tub thumping curb stomp of the Maryville Fighting Scots: 45-20

    The weather was glorious, and never got to that promised 63. More like 58, with a sea breeze blowing a little cold air in now and again, but nothing that could affect the passing game, which CNU is not completely used to having, but third string(why is impossible to determine since the kid is really good) Aaron Edwards went 17-24 for 314 yards, 3 touchdowns and no picks… Even the wildcat offense scored on a 29 yard pass into the endzone.

    The band was fabulous as usual, adding Chuck Mangione’s “Legend of the One-eyed Sailor” to its show repertoire… complete with dancing Tubas, Baritone Solo, and lots of style for the show. Great tune for a team named after a famous English/American sailor.. eh?

    The crowd wasn’t huge, since the playoffs were assured last week, but most came down to the south endzone with the team for the Lord’s Prayer, thanks from the very wet coaches… and the team’s usual tribute thanks to the band, cheerleaders, and dance team.

    Then Burgers and Ribs a Cheeseburger and Paradise for one of those dancing tubas.

    Tomorrow the NCAA Division III playoff seeds will be announced.

    — Tired and happy from Southside Virginia… TMF

  21. Congrats to you Mighty!

  22. Yep, good going to the Captains (and the tubas). Most excellent. May their fortunes increase in the Div III post-season.

    Ducks take first bite out of the Dusky Burgundy, capitalizing on an INT.

    Wild deal there with Chair Force and Wyoming, but I’m glad someone is happy. Those lesser-known teams do some weird uniform stuff. Sometimes they look like circus clowns. Sometimes they look like a gathering of UPS drivers.

    Luck offense strikes back. We got ourselves a ball game.

    Whoa, missed PAT for the Sweet Cerise.

    Boys Estate will skid a bit down the mountain. TCU hasn’t been all that good this year. Tots were playing on their own Smurf Turf too.

    LSU not looking so offense-y after all. Just 14-7 over the Hilltoppers as the second half opens.

  23. Let’s see. Purdue stung Ohio State in OT, 26-23. Still waiting for a clear break-out leader in the Big Eks.

    As expected, Wisconsin won the annual battle with Minnesota for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. But the Gophers still have Floyd the Bronze Pig, so their armored trophy case isn’t completely empty.

    Rutgers surged past Army to win in Yankee Stadium 27-12. But Navy pulled away from SMU to down the Mustangs 24-17. And Roger Staubach was there.

    Cal leads Oregon State 20-6 in the 4Q.

    Ducks now up 15-6.

  24. Forgot K-State and Texas A&M, with their 53-50 3OT shoot-out. We didn’t have the game here. Wonder how many fans were still in the stands for that third OT.

  25. Not at all surprising LSU having letdown after last week. They’ll win easily enough. Beautiful pass to Randle (just saw highlights). Same for Bama. Emotionally, physically exhausted.

    Boise finished. We knew they weren’t great this year and TCU has improved but still a bad loss.

  26. Get ready for it: “LSU-Oregon!!!!! Rematch!!!” That will be the talk this week, assuming the Ducks continue to dominate Stanford.

    LSU woke up, now 42-9 and trying to get past an absolutely endless final 2 minutes with the Hilltoppers.

    The way Oregon edges OK-State, of course, is if OU wins Bedlam. OK-State’s mis-tilted D would have trouble with the Oregon O — probably more than it would have with LSU’s.

  27. Well, OSU still has a pretty clear path if they beat the Sooners. The latter have a lot of work to do if they want to avid one of the prospective rematches.

  28. Oh… and OC, I don’t suspect you took the trouble to watch the “Foreign Policy Debate” tonight. Don’t know if you DVRed it and while we would all be interested in your analysis I’m afraid I’m not at all certain it would be worth your time.

  29. Agreed, if OSU beats OU, I don’t see how they’re NOT the BCS match-up for LSU. I was merely stating what could vault Oregon past OSU.

  30. I saw a few minutes of it. I’m sure it’s available online in its entirety. The candidates weren’t by any means stupid (although some of the questions were).

    In terms of speaking about foreign policy in “presidential” terms, I saw Bachmann, Perry, and Romney do that. Gingrich came off, as usual, like a graduate seminar lecturer. He can tell you what’s wrong with everyone else’s analysis like nobody’s business. Santorum didn’t look good in the one question I saw him answer. Huntsman didn’t register. Cain had a kind of “head of state” vibe going, talking vaguely and benignly in bromides like a constitutional monarch (as opposed to the nitty-gritty perspective of a prime minister, which is what the debate is about). Don’t know how long he’ll get away with that.

  31. Really I do think Bama would have the best chance to beat LSU. The OSU matchup would be very interesting though. I don’t really doubt that LSU would have some success on offense but the much more interesting matchup of the LSU D vs. OSU O. West Virginia moved the ball on the pretty well and the Cowboys have a similar but more talented offense.

    To be sure the WVU game was a bit of a blowout but might have been competitive if not for the TOs and special teams. In the case of LSU those aren’t a fluke but a function of talent and depth and one suspects they would make something happen against OSU as well. Still, its and oddly shaped ball and with a couple of breaks OSU could make it very interesting.

    • “is” the LSU D

      moved the ball on “them”

  32. Hawaii up 3-0 on Nevada with 1Q closing, but the Wolf Pack is on the move.

    • Hawaii is cooling off a bit as the evening progresses. 14-6 now. And the Warriors have lost their starting QB to some sort of injury.

  33. Oregon looks sooooo good. No Heisman for Luck.

    Brandon Weeden? I mean at this point … unless something really special happens in the next 13 minutes ….

    • It’s an interesting question. Luck has pluck, but the Ducks are changing his luck tonight.

      We’ll see. Stanford is off its tempo and looking ragged, but it ain’t over till it’s over.

  34. Sadly, SWOSU ended the season on a sour note, losing to the UAM Boll Weevils and finishing 5-5. Still, a .500 season is nothing to sneeze at.

    In funner news, Rose-Hulman defeated Earlham to rack up 5-5 for the season.

  35. Oregon really only stopable by an SEC team with talent, depth AND time to specifically prepare for them (i.e. opening game of season, BCSCG).

    OC has mentioned that its neither possible nor necessary for them to prepare to beat an SEC team since they can comfortably win 10+ games a year w/o doing so but they can’t take “Next Step”.

    I repeat though: Brandon Weeden. Landry Jones another possibility.

  36. So, cavalier, what you’re saying is it’s all — including the Heisman — coming down to Bedlam? 🙂

    I rest my case.

  37. With Nevada 14-3 over Hawaii at the half, I’ll say ‘night all.

    • Wait! 21-14 Nevada at the half. Nevada needs someone who can put the kickoff deep in the endzone. They’ve been giving Hawaii some pretty good field positions. This one isn’t out of the sagebrush yet.

  38. Dez Bryant!!!!!

    Mr. Always Been a “Cowboy.” So glad to see him back in action.

    • He’s got a lot of talent and a lot of jewelry. Cowboys ain’t always been bejeweled

  39. Congrats to Nevada for pulling away from Hawaii. That was kind of humorous, with UNLV — which beat Hawaii — losing to NM State.

  40. Congrats to the Eagles, They’re working hard toward acquiring Andrew Luck as their new QB and about ready to interview for a new coaching staff.

  41. So much for the OU/Tater Tot reunion. The Tots seem to be held up by hot air when they “win” then fall far. I understand they may play in a bowl that has someting to do with flowers or grass or gambling or something.
    Maybe OU or Alabama could get their kicker to transfer. He would fit right in.

  42. When you’re in the Mountain West, you have to be perfect. OU can get to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl with 2 losses, but Boys Estate can’t. ‘Tain’t entirely fair, but there it is.

    (Boys Estate, we note, has defeated, precisely, Georgia — and in Week 1, when the ‘Dogs hadn’t started anything yet. It ain’t entirely UNfair either.)

    OU and … Stanford??????

    • Stanford is what I hear because of the bowl tie- ins. HOWEVER if OU beats OSU. There is a clear scenario for OU to face LSU. I do not think that would be a good thing. The match up (skilled players) is not good now.
      They would give a good account of themselves. So would LSU. ( 24-14 swamp people) Very similar to the Florida game.
      I see Oregon (better loss from power rankings) or Alabama. The Tech loss was horrible.
      OU could whip the slow white boys from Palo.
      Exactly who did the Tater Tots play between their two losses?
      Can we start the college blog early this week.
      The rest of it is just inttelligence,terrorists,national defense/inflation/15 Trillion Debt/hunger/Mars warming etc.
      All of that will be around after football season.

      • Yeh, but Oregon and Bama (especially) already had a chance against at LSU and OU has not. You might be right that the result would be similar to 2008 except that that OU team was an absolute machine (‘cept for that little accident on the Red River) whereas this has been anything but and now has some serious injuries thrown into the bargain.

        Still, a win in Stillwater would count for a lot and besides a rematch with either Bama or Oregon would almost certainly yield almost the exact same result (obviously much less predictable in the case of Bama).

        LSU could of course have trouble with Ar-Kansas and/or Georgia but even one loss here might keep them in the game.

        Either way I’m hoping LSU and OSU keep this simple by winning out.

        And yeh, the other stuff ain’t going nowhere it don’t look like.

  43. what type of twisted mind would say that Paterno didn’t have an obligation to report the rape of a child to the police because he wasn’t the supervisor of the rapist???????????????????/

    • That twisted mind, fuster, is the law. Do you report to the police every alleged crime somebody tells you about? Even if you had actually witnessed a felony, failing to report it is not normally a crime. Granted, we all, like a certain maker of hot dogs, must answer to a higher authority. And by higher authority I don’t mean just the Athletic Director of Penn State.

      What is really odd is that the eyewitness to the crime was not fired; he was placed on paid administrative leave. Apparently, he was not expected to report to the police. And he is the only one who could give testimony against the accused, other than the victim.

      At some point, though, people who knew about the allegations must have wondered why the accused deviant was still doing high profile charity work with boys around town, and on campus. There must be more to this than has yet met the public eye.

      • Cuz, I wasn’t speaking of a legal duty to report, because the comment was posted in a morality-based context.

        there’s a pretty widely-acknowkedged moral imperative to take steps to insure that children aren’t preyed upon by adults.

        —–Joe Paterno’s defenders have pointed out that from both a legal and an organizational standpoint, he did what was required of him. He was not the official responsible for supervising the behavior of retired coaches in university facilities, but he reported what he had been told to the official who did have that responsibility.
        His defenders are not wrong in their argument. For Paterno to be sure that his action put an end to Sandusky’s misconduct, he would have had to do more than was required of him by law or institutional obligation. And once he had told what he knew to the responsible superior—the athletic director—the accountability for further handling of the problem rested with Curley.—-

        right up to the point that where it says that accountability passed to Curley, it’s good.

        but that last sentence is morally insane.

      • Joe screwed up BIG TIME. He lost his backbone. He put the image of Penn State and himself above innocent children.
        A question: If Paterno went to Sandusky, confronted him, and fired him on the spot. Who in the administration would not back Joe?
        You think Sandusky would have brought a very public lawsuit. The discovery part for him would have been very bad.
        The only thing Joe had to say “one on one” is: leave quietly or you will never work again anywhere, I will see to it. Pack your stuff you perverted POS, I never want to see you here again.
        Case closed.
        Penn State should have found out who the children were (they know), settled with them and turned them loose on Sandusky.
        It would have been bad, but Joe and Penn State would have done the honorable thing and weathered the storm.
        Sandusky would have served a lot of time.
        It is always the cover up that gets you.

  44. there are no “superior officers” in a corporate hierarchy to pass the buck onto. this isn’t a violation of corporate policy…’s a fking vile felonious attack and no one else will ever carry the weight of Paterno’s failure to act.

    • Just to update you: The eyewitness said he (1) stopped the assault on the child, and (2) told the police. If that’s true, what else could Joe Paterno add? He could add nothing to the witness’s police report because he did not see anything. Maybe the police would want to talk to Joe to see if the witness was telling a consistent story, but they knew where to find Paterno.

      If the police received an eyewitness report and undertook no investigation, I think you have a different scapegoat.

      Wreed, how did Joe know that Sandusky was guilty? He didn’t see the incident. And he could not have fired Sandusky because by that time Sandusky had retired and was no longer under Joe’s control.

      Sandusky’s attorney says the boy will deny that anything improper occurred.

      It is also interesting to note that the president of the Second Mile foundation was a psychologist. And he didn’t see anything suspicious about Sandusky — or so he will certainly testify. If the psychologist can’t tell, maybe a football coach shouldn’t be expected to divine Sandusky’s disordered mental state.

      But, as I said, there may be more facts yet to surface in this sordid affair. Maybe everybody knew more than they are letting on.

      • He knew because a trusted eyewitness saw Sandusky in action. The just walked through the shower and made it up for no reason?
        Apparently the grand jury thinks there is a repeated pattern.
        Sandusky says he took showers with little boys, but nothing happened. PLEASE!!!!!!!
        There will be trials and lawsuits. It will all come out.
        Final Point: If you work with someone or you are in charge of someone for a long period of time, it is not hard to recognize if they are lying to you.
        No one wanted to see anything. Its the coverup that gets you.

        • Our trusted eyewitness said he told the police. The police, both city and campus, are denying it. Of course, the police would never lose or fail to produce documentation, would they?

          If the witness has lied about telling the police, what happens to his credibility on the allegation of shower rape?

          I hope the truth comes out. Plea bargains may be in the future for those who have been indicted.

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