Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 28, 2011

Long live rock! (or, NCAA Football, Week 9)

Two things that’ll be hard: for Game 7 to top Game 6 for sheer vig-ah, and for the annual BYU-TCU gridiron classic to compete with Game 7 tonight.

Normally I root for the NL in the Series, but I’d kind of like to see the Rangers get it done.  Just give us another fun game like last night’s, boys.

NCAA football has already launched with a pathetic pffft this week, #17 Houston and Case Keenum having committed mayhem all over Rice last night.  73-whatever.  Nine TD passes for Keenum.  Sure, Miami (Da U) beat Virginia too, but who cares?  Neither represents division competition for VA Tech.

Tulsa has its first big C-USA West test on Saturday.  The Golden Hurricane hosts SMU, one of the two teams TU needs to beat to take the division and play for the C-USA title.  (The other is Houston.)  If Tulsa can beat SMU tomorrow – very do-able (and a grudge match for the Hurricane, after losses the last two years) – the SMU-Houston match on the 19th and the Tulsa-Houston match on the 25th will be an exciting ride.  As far as we’re concerned, Tulsa grew three sizes with each drubbing by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State, back in that unmentionable previous month, and is still very much in the title hunt.  (Yeah, yeah.  Objectively, Keenum is the best QB in C-USA and Houston is the best team.  But the teams Tulsa has lost to are all still in the top 10.  So there.)

#9 Oklahoma heads to Manhattan to meet a higher-ranked Kansas State, in one of those inversions of the universe that sometimes happen.  I’m sure they know in the Sooner State when was the last time that occurred.  (I can just see the Channel 9 sports team in OKC making the historical reference with a quizzical grin.)  The oddsquad isn’t fooled:  they have OU giving 13.  Ever seen a gigged wildcat?

But enough with the trash talk.  #3 OK-State hosts Baylor and gives 14, probably about right given the Cowboys’ enthusiastic scoring game and the Bears’ ignominious loss to Texas A&M.  We advise taking the points.  Baylor’s not a pushover this year, but hasn’t lived up to early hype.  And that said, OSU needs to police up the occasional inconsistencies and tendency to loosey-gooseyness, if the Pokes have a Big 12 champ/BCS bowl future in view.

Navy meets Notre Dame in South Bend for their annual gridiron battle.  The Irish are giving 21; nobody believes in Navy.  Except us here at TOC:  we think the Midshipmen will cover.  (And we’ve got no use for Notre Dame.  Have we mentioned that Tulsa beat Notre Dame last year?)  N-A-V-Y!!!!

Army, now playing without long-time starting QB Trent Steelman (injured in last week’s game, and yes, that’s an awesome name for an Army cadet), hosts FCS foe Fordham, and should do well against the 1-6 Patriots.  Chair Force should have little difficulty with an 0-7 New Mexico.

The #12 Hokies are giving 14 at Duke, and that too sounds either about right or a tad conservative.  VT is second to none in the shooting-self-in-foot category, but Duke has sunk to 3-4 and seems to have “rebuilding” in its future, on both sides of the ball.  Beamer Ball should work pretty well on the Blue Devils.

Nevada heads to New Mexico State, giving only 15 to the Aggies, which sounds low to us.   Take points.  The Wolf Pack has settled on Cody Fajardo as starting QB, and Fajardo has responded by kicking his productivity into high gear.  NMSU beat Minnesota early in the season, but this year, who hasn’t?

In other games of note, #1 and #2 are missing in action this week, both on hiatus before their big class-of-the-SEC match on the 5th.  Should be one heck of a game.  A heck of a game this week ought to be Michigan State at Nebraska.  The Huskers are looking to redeem themselves after the inaugural Big 10 loss to Wisconsin; they’ve topped Ohio State since, and joined the endless parade of teams with a Golden Gopher scalp for 2011, but on Saturday they face another opponent that the AP poll puts in the top 10.  Husker fans, like Sooner fans, are inspiring bettors:  the line on the game has them giving 4 against a higher-ranked, hard-charging Spartan squad.  Nebraska has shown weaknesses in the last few games; we think this one will be hard fought and close.

Contrarian tip of the week:  we think Georgia Tech has every possibility of knocking off an overranked Clemson.  Meanwhile, Wisconsin should have little trouble with Ohio State, and has a chance to recover some of that lost rankage.  We still think the Badgers are pretty darn good this year.

Over in Left Coast action, USC has a big test against #6 Stanford, and no one here in Trojan Central will stop talking about it.  The Sweet Cerise will cover and more; that’s our opinion.  #7 Oregon should roll over Washington State.  UCLA hosts Cal in the Battle of the Bears, with Cal giving 4.

Annoying rumors about conference shifts abound today, although it does appear official that West Virginia will move to the Big 12.  The SEC claims it inadvertently posted news about Mizzou joining its ranks, which sounds as bogus as that excuse always does.  We assume that that shift is going to happen.  A Big East recruiting team is supposedly invading Boise.  C-USA’s Central Florida is supposedly being considered by the Big East as well.  We assume this will all get sorted out.

In Div II, the 4-4 SWOSU Bulldogs will have a tough meet with Northeastern Oklahoma State in Tahlequah on Saturday.  NEOSU’s RiverHawks are 5-3, and beat Harding 49-41 on the 15th (yes, the same Harding that blew out SWOSU 70-28 last week).  Should be sunny and 66 for the game.

NWOSU, coming in 3-5, will host Family Day against Southwestern Assemblies of God in Alva.  SAGU, also 3-5, has lost its last 4 games.  69 and sunny in Alva.

In Div III, Rose-Hulman hosts conference rival Defiance College (Defiance, OH) in Terre Haute (sunny and 59).  The Yellow Jackets come in 3-5 to RHIT’s 3-4.

Christopher Newport heads to Greensboro to take on Greensboro College.  At 0-7, the Pride has the distinction of having lost the “Gate City Soup Bowl” to the Guilford College Quakers (Greensboro) on 3 September.  Frankly, this seems way classier to us than the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl at that newfangled AT&T Park.  But it won’t help the suffering Pride against the Captains, who will stride smartly into Greensboro (53 and raining) at 5-2, atop the USA South.



  1. Yes, the talented OU Sissies are going to Manhattan to play the less talented, but tough, blue collar,real he men of K-State.
    The OU Wiffenpoofs (D-Line) will try to stop the Wildcat Quarterback from running all over them.
    The sensitive and high strung OU secondary will try to stop the passing game that does not exist.
    The kickers ( 5 scholarship players) will be held out because they get nervous during a game. Those 29 yarders are really tough.
    The OU corporate coaches will all have their memos and guidelines in very cool binders.
    Everyone will be dressed nicely. The players will really look good.
    Watercress sandwiches will be in abundance before the game. Wheat grass during half-time to sooth the wounded egos of the entitled ones.
    The outcome will be like Obamas’ economic policies. You just really have no clue untill its over. You have to watch the game to see whats in it.

    • OU rescheduled and are coming to NYC to play OWS in the Zuccotti Bowl.

  2. The rangers had their shot yesterday and blew it.

  3. Underwhelming Game 7 after the previous barn-burner. It was over by the 7th. YAWN. Congrats to the Cards.

    Nebraska kickin it out of the gate with a TD off an INT. Roll, Saturday, roll.

  4. We feel sure the OU bluebloods have moved beyond watercress and wheat grass.

    These days, I suppose their entitlement is to watch their own games — being played for them by hired stand-ins — on 70-inch screens, in HD, with surround-sound.

    • I only have a 60 “. The true blue bloods have silver backed tickets and go to the lounge.
      I sit out in the weather with the rest of da guys.
      J.E. when they stink, they stink.
      Went to my first OU game in 1980. 28-16 loss to Ohio State. Payback for the field goal in Columbus.
      By 1983 Switzer was about to lose his job.
      I don’t overpraise them when they are really good. ( Luck is involved) I don’t make excuses for them when the stink (stink is having a major talent advantage and not doing your best).
      When we are beaten by a better team, that is the way it goes, move on.
      I love football. OU by 6, maybe.
      Regards to you.

  5. Duke? DUKE?!?!

  6. Sooners really starting to annoy me.

    • Hopefully, someone will tell Jones the Hail Mary Pass is for the end of the game.
      Whaley ankle break was horrible.
      Tony Jefferson made the only ole’ tackle on the K-State QB I have seen lately.
      Note to the OU fullback. If you run over a defender (from the back) on the kickoff, the officials take that to heart.
      K-State has a lot more heart.
      I went to the grocery store at 10:00 left in the second quarter.
      How about the Vandy kicker. From the 10 to put it in overtime. Just a little to the right. But it was all the way out at the 10.
      Sissies by 6. I am sticking with it.

      • K-State running QB starting to take a beating. Game is starting to change. Sissies are starting to put some licks on folks.
        If they keep it up they will be Sooners again.

        • Reynolds!!! WOW!!!

          • Sissies gone Sooners back (at least today)

    • Oh puhleez, OC. I went to the gym but had to cancel my workout because the DirectTV was out on account of the strom.

      • A) cancel that (see bellow)

        B) moving the ball nicely. given the @#% they’ve been putting forth the last couple of weeks this is OK.

        C) OSU impressive – on DEFENSE?!?! – holding baylor

  7. Tulsa up 17-0 on SMU. but we’re not getting the game here.

    Hokies didn’t cover. Survived that one by the skin of their teeth.

    Navy hanging in within 2 TDs of Notre Dame…

    • Turkey’s don’t have teeth… so it was closer…

      The game was poorly called on offense. The Defense was manful though. The wind was really bad and the ball flew in unpredictable directions.

      Key to Tech’s near defeat:

      1. 3rd and long, trying for the home run ball instead of just getting the first and moving the sticks.

      2. Inside the 15, and too impatient and careless. The first interception was Davis running the wrong route. If there was two deep coverage between him and the endline, he is normally supposed to curl that cut in toward the quarterback, under the zone. He screwed up and Logan Thomas threw a timing route to the wrong jersey. The other was just a flat out bad through by Thomas, who once again had Wilson 10 yards down field in the flat, wide open.

      Again we have a case of going for the big thing when moving the sticks was more important.

      3. Not sticking with the fast developing quick off tackle runs, with two backs…. once again Tech’s offense got caught flat when the opposition loaded the box and gunned for the QB and lone setback. This is only solved by quick slant passes, seam routes, and crossing throws behind the rush but under the zone. Not much of that was done at all consequently 3rd and long because impossible…

      Some times you just survive. Most winning teams have bad days, bad games, and just bad everything. One or more will be losses, one or more will be wins… Clemson was a loss, Duke was a win, but we have sort of run the table on the luck string now. Time to heal, get rested because it’s a week and a half before Georgia Tech in Atlanta… and we know how tough it is for Frank to win anything in Atlanta.

      As to the other side of the South East Coast Desk… we have USA South leading Christopher Newport Captains grabbing a 27-22 victory over The Greensboro, “Pride”. (Pride being a politically correct asexual nonsense referring to Lions.)

      They haven’t posted the details on the game, and I was watching and listening to the Tech game between requited errands. So I couldn’t get the Internet radio call from the USA South web site.

      Needless to say, The Captains are 6-0 in the conference going into the Ferrum game. GO CAPTAINS!!!!


    • Tulsa rolls over SMU congrats!!!!!!!!

  8. Some REAL football weather rolling up the East coast… snow-sleeting on the scoreless Illini and Nittally Lions.

    • Oh puhleez, OC. I went to the gym but had to cancel my workout because the DirectTV was out on account of the strom.

      • he’s stll dead, ain’t he? blame someone else

  9. Now THAT, looks like a national championship team. Too late.

  10. Anybody see that Fordham-Army game? Now that’s what I call football weather. Snow slush over the ankles… game breaks to plow the 10-yard lines… freezing, sopping wet cadets huddled in an almost empty stadium… cameras spotty with the unrelenting precip. 55-something or other, Army. Way to go.

    Yeah, OU had a bout of Sudden Excellence in the second half. In the first half, I started counting missed tackles, and had 24 by the time the clock hit 00:00. But there were more. Morons. Practice next time, huh, guys? And yes, losing Whaley will hurt.

    The end of the Penn State game was classic. 42’s not a real long kick — you know the Illinois kicker was a bit rattled from the wildly maneuvering PSU backs and the frenzied crowd. 409 for JoePa.

    Georgia Tech has taken charge with Clemson, although in an aggravating development we’re not getting that game here. 12 minutes or so and another unbeaten falls.

    The Cheerful Pomegranate of Stanford is failing to dominate USC. Trojans up 27-24 in the 4Q. Another unbeaten to bite the dust? At this rate, OU may climb more than one tick in the new ranking tomorrow.

    It won’t be at OK-State’s expense. The Cowboys ran over Baylor so thoroughly that ABC and ESPN both cut away from the game to show others with more exciting final minutes.

    Things looking bleak for Wisconsin late in the 4Q. It’s like it’s not even the same team that nailed Nebraska to the wall just a few short weeks ago. The Buckeyes aren’t that good, but they keep stopping the Badgers and adding a few points.

    Flash in the pan Texas Tech lost big to … Iowa State. (Iowa State????) I see a trip south out of the top 25 in the Red Raiders’ future. Good riddance.

    And yes, the folks who didn’t believe in Navy were right. We still love ’em.

  11. A note for the Okie contingent: flipping around the channels while bored out of my skull by Game 7 last night, I ran across a high school game on ESPNU. Bethany and Heritage Hall. HH had long since walked away with it, but it was fun to watch for a while.

    Nevada is up 41-27 on NMSU in the 4Q. Not sure how the Aggies managed to score 27 points, but they did beat Minnesota this season, after all.

    Air Force has already blanked New Mexico 42-0.

  12. In a prime instance of shoddy sports reporting, we have failed here at TOC to note a momentous development today.

    An associate of Cousin Vinnie’s pointed this out in another forum. It really is unconscionable to have failed to emphasize it. The Golden Gophers of Minnesota held onto the bronze pig, Floyd of Rosedale, in their annual clash with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

    Minnesota stinks on ice this year, but somehow managed to rally to a 22-21 upset to keep Floyd penned up in Minneapolis.

    For the seven Americans who don’t know who Floyd is, see here:

  13. How much do you have to love college football?!?!?!?

    Stanford and OSU games absolute thrillers. Woot!!

  14. T-Tech/Clemson/all top rated teams: “humility is only 7 days away”
    The Switzer.
    USC ( I hate to say it) is getting better every week. A very physical team. Congrats to the Geeks. They showed a lot of grit.

  15. Dallas Cowboys continue career of general worthlessness.

    • Amen

  16. Daaaaaamn, but the Cowboys look like a quadriplegic in an ash-kicking contest

  17. I’m busy on a weekend and miss a chance to comment. All I can say is that you figured Wisconsin might have been a little more prepared for the long pass at the end of the game scenerio this time.

    Football coaches can be some of the most stubborn ill prepared people in the world.

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