Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 26, 2011

One more exciting use for Facebook: Soliciting hostage-taking *UPDATE*

Saudi cleric Awad al-Qarni is known for faithfully reflecting the views of the Western left about the sins and deficiencies of the West (e.g., “Neo-cons” are Nazis, America was built on conscript labor, etc).  But even the Western left wouldn’t go here with him:  al-Qarni has posted on Facebook the promise of a $100,000 reward for any Palestinian who will take an Israeli soldier hostage.

The Facebook post, added to his Wall Monday morning, was still up as of 9:00 AM PDT (noon EDT) on Wednesday, 26 October.  It has 2,536 “likes” as this goes to blog “press.”

Awad al-Qarni solicitation to take hostages for profit

MEMRI has a direct translation of the solicitation:

Al-Qarni wrote: “Media reports have circulated the news that the Zionist settlers are paying large sums of money to anyone who [can] kill the released Palestinian prisoners, and in response to those criminals, I announce to the world that I [hereby] commit to pay a reward and a prize in the amount of $100,000 to any Palestinian who imprisons [i.e. takes as a hostage] an Israeli soldier inside Palestine, for the purpose of prisoner exchange.”

No trace of evidence regarding the allegation against Israeli settlers can be found.  (Side note:  recent allusions to Israeli settler “violence” are refuted by this report from CAMERA – which relies in part, incidentally, on the statistics compiled by B’Tselem, a left-leaning pro-Palestinian advocacy group.  H/t:  Israel Matzav.)

But al-Qarni’s solicitation is there in black and white.  If you would like to report this abuse of Facebook policy, you can start here.   In the meantime, long life to social-media uprisings.

*UPDATE* I’m happy to report that the al-Qarni solicitation appears to have been removed from Facebook.  Meanwhile, I have been advised by a Hebrew-fluent associate that a settler family did, in fact, post a reward for the killing of two terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit deal.  This may have been what al-Qarni was talking about.  Needless to say, this action is neither of the following:  something that can be condoned, or something that justifies al-Qarni in offering his reward.

Rock on, social media.

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air’s Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, and The Weekly Standard online.



  1. hmmmm…… $750,000,000,000 buys all of the IDF, active and reserve…..

    then we swap them back for 750,000,000 imprisoned Palestinians (there are at least that many people claiming to be palestinians driven from their ancestral lands and refugees always count as political prisoners)………..

    might work out ok

  2. Lives are at stake, BUT I guess the folks that are in charge of getting the Arab thugs back miss the value of one Israeli is worth a 1000 Arab whatever. They could run the Federal Reserve or set endcaps at Walmart.

  3. Good heavens, the palestinian Resistance are such wimps. Only taking hostages? If the French Resistance had taken such an attitude to the occupiers of their country all that nasty bloodshed involving the egregious assassination of unfortunate German soldiers and administrators could have been avoided and we could have settled WWII with a prisoner swap (leaving the Jerries in place, presumably)

    But there is a better way. The people who perpetrated the murder of Turkish and US citizens on the High Seas are slowly being identified, as are the perpetrators of some other Israeli atrocities. These people are now permanently imprisoned in Israel – foreign holidays are permanently out lest these folks find themselves in the Hague beside that outspoken admirer of Israel, brother Radovan.

    p.s. It wasn’t the fault of the land-robbers who found it necessary to plot the kidnapping of Palestinians. Probably they were indocrinated by some fanatical Rabbi in some fundamentalist Yashiva, I mean, these people don’t do personal responsibility, do they?. Just like its the fault of the Palestinians when the IDF occupiers (very rarely) remove illegal settler outposts. These settler “victims”, rather than taking on the IDF, (which, after all, has guns) just burn down the crops and farm-buildings, and uproot the olive trees of their Palestinian neighbours whom they know have no legal rights or protection under the occupation. Lovely neighbours these settlers. Brave and principled folk, no doubt. I suppose that when you start with stealing, kidnapping and criminal damage are a doddle.

    But the end is in sight. In yet another Israeli contribution to the peace process, the Israeli government is seeking ways to make the illegal outposts “legal” – presumably to spare the blushes of the Israeli courts, and the embarassment of the IDF (very usually) ignoring Israeli law.

  4. 2. “The Western Left” ? Is this the 99% of Americans in the mainstream who are to the left of yourself?

    Very few mainsteam (see above) Americans think the “neo-cons” are Nazis – “neo” or otherwise. Most of us believe that they are a mildly deranged fad who have been proven wrong in almost everything they predicted. And to be fair to the “neo-cons”, most mainstream “neo-cons”, such as Bill Kristol have publicly disassociated themselves from racist extremists like Gaffney and Geller. So, to label that most neo-cons as Nazis is grossly unfair., The label only applies to a tiny extreme minority.

    I never heard the one about America being built on “conscript labour”. This must be your imagination playing tricks on you (yet) again. Most Americans believe our country was built by the honest hard work and ambition of immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. (Now, I know that some parts of our country originally had an economy based on enslavement – but those with a better grasp of history than yourself will know that the slave economy came to a violent end just after the middle of the 19th century – even if some of its social and economic consequences persisted for another century). But, as the Republicans would say, the only good immigrant is a a long dead immigrant like granddad,

    • French Resistence WWII was like diet croutons. Not much there. One was constantly tripping over collaborators, informers, and those insensitive dead jews.
      I believe The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was entertaining Nazi Big Wigs regularly about that time.
      “Very few mainstream Americans think”. There are 300 million Americans. How many have you interviewed Paul?
      “Most of us believe”. Your tribal and herd instinct is showing Paul. Are you speaking for the herd?
      “Main stream neo-cons”. LOL!!!!!!
      “Tiny extreme minority”. I like Itsey-Bitsey much better.
      “Most Americans believe”. See above.
      A big thanks for publicising The Civil War, but I caught an interview with Ken Burns.
      Gosh now I know what Republicans say!!!

      The post script belongs at the end Paul.
      PS: Try to be concise when you are blowing meaningless smoke and dreadfully tired left wing anti-semitism jargon.
      Mars is still getting pretty warm. I bet the Palestinians could reproduce their heaven on earth situation up there. Of course, if the Palestinians screw up Mars it would be the Jews fault.

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