Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | July 17, 2011

Possibly the shortest blog post TOC will ever see

Of course, I’m disappointed that the US women didn’t win the World Cup today.  But how could anyone grudge Japan this victory?

A tough game.  Well done, ladies!



  1. There must be a better way of deciding the outcome of a worl cup final than a penalty shootout.

    My suggestion is 15 minutes extra time each side – but without goalkeepers, and shots at goal only from within the “area”. This formula would be bound to produce several goals in a short time. If that didn’t produce a result, there would be a sudden death – again without goalies etc.

    • Just lift the offsides rule for overtime. They might find it livens things up enough that we get a new variant of soccer.

  2. Entirely O/T,,,,,but

    my kid sent me this

    thought it was right up the opticon’s alley and wonder if she might care to share a reaction.

    (yeah reed, I’m just a little green froggie with a big brown nose.)

    • Now, that’s just funny.

  3. Hmmmm. Comparing the highlights of the tournament with a few minutes of an international woman’s football match that I saw three years ago, the quality seems to have improved slightly in that the players now seem to have better ball control and are able to string passes together. I even saw a few on-target long distance shots.

    However, while their skills have improved, they still lack pace and power. The quality of the defending and goalkeeping (especially the latter) hasn’t improved either. Indeed, even the final penalty kick would have been saved by any competent keeper in the men’s game. If you put the Women’s US team in the UK Conference (the highest non-league level in the men’s club game) I’d still bet against them winning promotion.

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