TOC on Talk

Talking head time.

Readers, I’ll be interviewed today on the American Hour Radio Show at 4:00 PM Eastern, with hosts Tom Garcia (Commander, USN, Ret.) and Paula Lauzon-Ostman.  The topic is the budget battle and the US economy.

To listen in online, at US Talk Radio Network, follow the links from this page.  “See you” then.

You can check out Tom Garcia on Facebook.


9 thoughts on “TOC on Talk”

  1. I hope everything goes well for you.

    will you be in the same room as the hosts or will it be a remote interview?

      1. probably not for you, …

        but higher lifeforms will hop right over your hopeless arse, Reed,

  2. Thanks, Tom. Great time!

    The interview was done remotely, fus. Thanks for the good wishes.

    1. Yeah, the “remotely” became pretty apparent when Garcia started thinking that you had forgotten his show before telephoning you and finding you at the ready.

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