The All-American/European anti-Israel flotilla

Useful idiots.

The Turkish Islamist organization IHH has decided not to participate in the upcoming flotilla attempt to break the blockade of Gaza.  As reported last week, IHH was under pressure from the Turkish government to drop out of the flotilla, presumably because the timing doesn’t look right for Turkey to precipitate an armed confrontation with Israel.  (After the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010, Turkey warned that it might provoke just such a confrontation by providing a naval escort for future flotillas.)

This will mean no Turkish ships in the flotilla.  Earlier this week, the French ship pulled out of the flotilla when pressure from French Jewish groups prevented it from docking in Marseilles, where it was to load its activists.

The ships left in the flotilla are the US and Canadian “Boats to Gaza,” the Irish Boat, the Swiss-German Boat, the Italian Boat, the Greek Boat, the Netherlands Boat, the Norwegian-Swedish Boat, and possibly one or two Spanish Boats. (CrethiPlethi has a very extensive write-up from late May.)  That tally squares roughly with the Wednesday statement of activist Adam Shapiro (founder of the International Solidarity Movement, or ISM) that about 10 ships, other than the IHH contingent, would sail in the flotilla, which will reportedly get underway next week.

Thus, it is ships sailing under the flags of NATO and the EU that will be attempting to break the blockade of Gaza.  But not all the flags of NATO; only the flags that fly over the liberal, democratic, traditionally Christian nations.  In the surreal progress of events, Islamic Turkey has dropped out.

As CrethiPlethi’s article reveals, proto-flotilla surges from elsewhere have yielded mixed results.  Indonesia reportedly has a flotilla movement, but there has been nothing concrete from it in the way of a boat or any real publicity.  Malaysia’s Perdana foundation, brainchild of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, has of course been behind actual flotilla ships, but none are sailing with the All-American/European flotilla this month.  Perdana supported M/V Rachel Corrie in the 2010 flotilla, and most recently was behind the antics of M/V Finch, which made a separate attempt to break the blockade in May 2011.

Also in 2010, activists in Lebanon, Europe, and the US sought to mount the “women’s flotilla” that was to sail from Beirut.  Lebanese authorities prevented it from leaving port on the occasion of its highest state of readiness, and it eventually came to nothing.

So we reach June 2011, and the All-American/European anti-Israel flotilla.  It’s worth noting just a couple of the activists who will be participating – as they did last year – in the 2011 flotilla.  Dror Feiler, ubiquitous spokesman of the Swedish Free Gaza Movement, is a revolutionary- and musician-about-town who hangs out with IHH, Hamas, and the bloodthirsty terrorists of Colombia’s Marxist FARC insurgency.  Douglas Farah reported a year ago that the Swedish-Israeli Feiler was on the board of FARC’s external propaganda agency, ANNCOL.  When Paul Reyes, FARC’s chief ideologue, was killed in 2008, Feiler left a comment at the website of a news story –  about US activists who were mourning Reyes – recalling his visits to FARC, expressing his sympathy, and posting the link to a music video he had made featuring FARC revolutionary songs.

Paul Larudee is a San Francisco Bay-area activist and piano tuner who participated in the 2010 flotilla under the aegis of ISM and his own Free Gaza Movement of Northern California.  Larudee was photographed in 2008 with other activists receiving medals from Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, long-time terrorist and protégé of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin.  Famous for writing up his moving opportunity to stay at the home of a successful suicide bomber, Larudee ran afoul of Israeli officials when he attempted to enter the West Bank in 2006 after years of conducting anti-Israel activity (Larudee’s reported objective: to “tune more than 40 pianos in the Palestinian Authority area”).

Blogger Lee Kaplan went undercover to attend an ISM training session sponsored by Larudee in San Francisco, at which he learned to deceive Israeli immigration authorities and help Palestinians confound IDF soldiers (see here for the ISM connection with terrorists who participated in the London tube bombing).  Larudee is now planning to send an aircraft to break the blockade of Gaza, as discussed in his interview on Iranian television with British nutball politician George Galloway, the former MP who spoke candidly to Arab media of having given cars and cash to Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh, and then lied about it to the English-language media.

So it’s down to the Western fringe leftists, who merit the title “useful idiots” as much as anyone ever has, and Hamas.  That’s who is still planning, as of right now, to aim a gaggle of ships flying the flags of our nations at the Gaza coast and try to break the blockade, so that Israel can’t keep weapons from flowing to Hamas.  If all the activists wanted to do was deliver humanitarian aid, they have two sound alternatives available:  having it trucked in from Israel or having it trucked in from Egypt.  But, of course, that’s not what their goal is, as they have already acknowledged.

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air’s Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, and The Weekly Standard online.

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  1. 5 million Jews vs. 500 million Muslims and still the Muslims don’t think it a fair fight.

  2. yes, it must be startling that the Obama administration’s clumsy communication with Turkey and the “inept efforts to deter the flotilla” might just have worked.

    strange the community-organizer-in-chief would even wish to deter participation or wish to avoid Turkish-Israeli violence, eh?

  3. With reference to your last comment:

    1. The organizers of the flottila have offered independent inspection of the flottila ships. All the goods and materials carried by the flottila will be within the UN definition of “humanitarian” aid.

    2. The Israelis only allow very limited aid into Gaza. Humanitarian aid includes the means of rebuilding and re-equipping the schools, hospitals, water and sewage systems targeted and destroyed by the Israelis. The UN has repeatedly condemned Israel’s definition of “humanitarian” aid as excluding goods and materials which are necessary to rebuild and maintain basic civil infrastructure and civilized existence.

    3. If humanitarian aid (properly defined – as distinct from Israeli-defined) can really be trucked into Gaza, and the flottila organizers have offered independent inspection to ensure that it is carrying only goods which fall within the legal definition of humanitarian aid, why are the Israelis bothering to threaten violence and piracy against the flottila?

    The answer is that the medieval siege of Gaza is a collective punishment of the population of occupied and ghettoized Gaza and is part of the overall policy of politicide by the Israelis against the Palestinian people.

    1. Not idiotic at all. In spite of her attempts tpo smear the people involved in organizing the flottila by her usual unsupported innuendo (other than by repeating the unsupported innuendo of the usual useful Israeli-fed sources) the flottila is already having considerable success.

      The purpose of the flottila is not just to shame the Israelis into lifting their unlawful and brutal seige (a futile objective in my opinion), but to keep the situation in Gaza in the spotlight – particularly with a view to Egyption public opinion. You must remember that the Egyptian authorities have not yet lifted most of the restrictions which the corrupt Muberak regime implemented in co-operation with the Israelis. In spite of overwhelming Egyptian public opinion, the interim Egyptian government has waivered in its stated intention to normalize trade accross the Rafah crossing because of US and Israeli threats. I would presume that the Egyptian authorities will have their minds concentrated by Egyptian public opinion – in particularafter if the Israelis respond in their usual brutal fashion.

      The victims of the Mavi Mamara did not die in vain either. By forcing the Turkish government to respond to the overwhelming opinion of the Turkish electorate, and stop giving comfort and cover to the Israelis so long as the seige continues, the Israelis are beginning to see that their brutality comes at a price. Appealing to Israeli morality has been a waste of time. It is only when the diplomatic and economic price of their brutality becomes too high, or when the seige is rendered futile by the refusal of the Egyptians to co-operate in its enforcement, that it will end.

      The flottila volunteers are far from useful idiots.

      1. Paulite, stop repeating the bs about the siege’s brutality or thinking that the Israelis can or should be all that ashamed,

        The Pals allowed themselves to come under the sway of Hamas and assumed the burden of affiliation with things far lousier than the Israeli tactics.

        The Israelis may be sinking into immoral, futile and self-destructive action but they’ve still got a few miles to go before they touch down into place to which the Palestinians have reached.

        And the dead on the Mavi Mamara are victims off their own vanity and error as much as anything else. They did indeed die vain.

        1. Insofar as they have cost Israel the support and cover of Turkey they have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations – sadly at the ultimate cost to the brave victims of the Israeli gunmen.

          “…….before they touch down into place to which the Palestinians have reached” .
          Interesting comment. The place the Palestinians have reached is to be ghettoized in Gaza, to have their homes, farmland, and water incrementally stolen in the West Bank, and to be subjected to second-class citizenship under Israeli law. If I or any other red-blooded American were subjected to that litany of injustice, the perpetrators would have more than a few obsolete rockets to worry about. We visited sheer bloody all-out war against the British for far far less during our quest for independent statehood.

          1. see War of the Busses and think for a minute about what Hamas really is.

            the Palestinian elections offered nothing but a lousy choice between a lying bunch of kleptocrats wanting to reach some deal with the Israelis and group of murderous reactionary religious supremacists promising more of the struggle to dispel the Jews and reclaim all the land in the name of Allah.
            the Pals voted their frustration with Fatah.

            as for the happy horseapples about the second-class citizenship offered under Israeli law, a) it’s a consequence of the conflict more than an entailed necessity; b) it’s a better deal than they’ve ever offered the Jews; and c) it’s a better deal than the one they’re getting in the other nations of the ME.

            1. Oh so, by your logic – just because blacks in pre civil-rights America were in absolute terms better off than blacks in Africa, the second-class status of blacks in many US states was ok because at least they were better off than blacks in Africa.

              The discrimination against non-Jews is NOT the “consequences” of the conflict. Discrimination has always been a characteristic of the Israeli ethnocracy since it came into being. Civil resources (roads, water, and schools etc.) are not provided for, or resourced, by the state in Arab parts of Israel in the same way as in Jewish areas. The Israelis revoke the residency and citizenship of Arab students taking up scholarships abroad (They do this by requiring them to return to renew their residency permits mid-term which is usually impossible for all but the children of the rich.No such requirement is made of Jews). Sentencing outcomes are wildely different for Arabs than Jews. Arab property gets no protection under the law when vandalized or robbed by Jews. The list of major and petty discriminations is endless. It is a cause rather than the “consequences” of the conflict.

              Stop making excuses for the inexcusable.

              1. by my logic, P, if the American blacks had a long history of overlordship and discrimination of whites, if they singled out only America and ignored that America afforded them more opportunity than many other nations and if many of them embraced violence against white folks and ignored murder of white folks, they probably still shouldn’t be discriminated against en masse but they would have a dubious claim to the world’s sympathies.

                the Israelis are often wrong and not improving. the Pals are not doing as well.

      2. Paulite, your contentions concerning Turkey remain dubious and you probably should examine them a bit more.

        Erdogan has manipulated Turkish public opinion rather than responding to it. As well, consider the value of a public opinion that’s based in large part on an “us versus them” religious bias and cultural bias.

        When you talk about the failure of Israeli morality try applying the same tests universally. Turkey is a really mixed bag and no more moral and more murderous than the Israelis.

        1. fuster,
          They way you continue to challenge Paulite really confuses me. You’re beginning to exhibit signs of rationality and sanity.

          Keep it up and I may have to disassociate you from Paulite.

          Hope you are enjoying Fathers Day.

          1. I’m sure that neither confusion nor disassociation is anything foreign to you, Jim.

            You kinda seem to think that we’re living in a base-two world.

            1. No, fuster, I don’t think we live in a “base-two” world. However “I” believe that there is a clear delineation between “right” and “wrong.” There is no “gray” in my world.

              The fact that others choose to live lives in the generally accepted obfuscation between the two is not something I can, or would, choose to control.

              And, yes, confusion and disassociation is not foreign to me. Just ask the OptiCon. 🙂

              1. well, Jim while there surely are lots of right and loads of wrong, I gotta think that we aren’t in position to be beyond fallacious when we exclude the muddle.

                having things of which we can’t be sure is quite different from choosing to believe that everything is occluded,
                or that nothing is.

                happy days.

        2. Erdogan was recently re-elected by a substantial majority of the Turkish electorate. The turkish electorate has an educational profile not dissimilar to that of the US electorate, so, in spite of your egregious slur as to their being somehow “manipulated”, I reckon they knew their own minds when they put their votes in the ballot box. In fact, Erdogan was re-elected because of the success of his free-market economic policies which have turned Turkey into a regional economic powerhouse. He was also re-elected because of his committment to effect constitutional reform to bring Turkey completely into line with the European Convention on Human Rights (which embodies the rights and principles which underpin the laws of the US and the other western democracies). Israel has ethnic institutionalized discrimination which means that she is not ECHR compliant.

          1. is it another egregious slur to say that the Turkish people are less literate than those of the US or do we also have only 4/5s of the females in our population taught to read?
            do we have only 3/5s of our population graduate high school?
            do we spend about twice as high a percentage of our considerably greater GDP on education?
            with our population 4x Turkey’s do we have more than 20x the number of students enrolled in colleges?
            the US has about 40% college grads. wanna say that Turkey has about the same?
            or have I gone slur-crazed?

          2. BTW, when I assert that the US population was manipulated into supporting the start of the war in Iraq, is that another egregious proof that I’ve gone slur crazy?

            cast an eye over what Erdogan’s guys have been doing to the media.
            tell me it’s not manipulation and intimidation.
            Turkey’s economy is fine. other things not so much.

  4. The siege will stand a while longer. The flotilla will only be the fringe and the fools.
    But the siege is a failure, Netanyahu is a blind fool, and the cost to Israel is high.

  5. Useful idiots?

    How about some not so useful idiots?
    – fuster
    – Paulite

    It does baffle many of us here how you two can be so doggedly, determined, and defiantly stupid. It is almost like you two are flaunting your complete lack of academic comprehension on any subject under discussion.

    But, on the bright side, without you two morons around; it really would be too serious here and devoid of the routine comic relief you guy’s so freely and routinely provide us.

    So, thank you, and enjoy Fathers Day.

    1. I’m sorry that you’re baffled, Jim.

      I’ll enjoy my Fathers Day and hope that you’ll enjoy yours.

      Flaunit it, baby.

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