Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | April 7, 2011

“Dear Man”: Get Over It

I must assume this will go viral in short order, if it hasn’t already.  (H/t Allahpundit at Hot Air; I’m using the direct YouTube link as the embedded video has been disabled at Allahpundit’s post.)

It’s almost too sad to make fun of.  It appears to be a video presentation of the manifesto at this Facebook page, and the poignant thing about it is how unresonant it is.  It’s a comprehensive and faithful depiction of male sins as envisioned by post-modern feminism, and it simply has no visceral appeal.

I have to admit, while watching this video I couldn’t help thinking, “Guys.  Go get some paint and team T-shirts, and dude yourselves up and go to a football game already!  Get a project car.  Join the NRA.  Start a garage band.  Heck, start a barbershop quartet.  Get out and use power tools and barbecue beef in the back yard!”  I kind of wonder if these fellows would let a girl forget the injuries of the past.

See if you can make it for 8 minutes.  I expect reports.



  1. just lol

    This is almost impossible to be true … isn’t this a prank by Rush Limbaugh ?

    This is more than obvious the Rush Limbaugh concept of ”New Castroti” emasculated, morally relative man submitted to extremist Feminist Ideology.

    ”I apologize for my gender crimes” & ”Respect women intuition”

    There is a Justin Bieber young man there at the end … is this the uber sensitive crowd ?

    These are dudes who really need to read the art of manliness.

  2. Listening to that kinda killed my soul.

    It is true that men stand to gain by understanding the female perspective/experience (and vice versa) but trading in your masculinity for, or subjugating it to, femininity does both yourself and society a disservice. Male and female are complementary natures, period.

    I pity the boys who suffer through growing up with these ‘men’ as their fathers; I learned more about being a man growing up with a single (albeit extremely dedicated) mother than they likely ever will.

  3. Message from Beta Males. ” I really miss my Mommy.”

  4. J.E.,
    Quit wasting my valuable time with this nonsense. Now go get me a beer and start fixing dinner.



  5. What a bunch of pu**ies. Please forgive my language. I started to crack at the 5 minute mark, but managed to stay to the credits – partially covering my eyes until the carnage mercifully ended. It makes me embarrassed to be a man when I see other “males” prostrate themselves to the alter of feminism like that. I would bet all of those folks reside on the political Left. No one from the Right could possibly express that degree of gender sensitivity and still consider themselves part of the Right. “Identity politics” at it’s worst. At least the usual traffickers in the unseemly world of identity politics have the common decency to blame someone else rather than themselves!!

    I can see apologizing to someone on behalf of, let’s say, your family. I can also see it on behalf of your friends. I can even see it on behalf of your country. But apologizing on behalf of your gender? That was simply just too preposterous. Until I saw this 8 minute youtube train wreck.

    During the video I was thinking of the type of woman that would be interested in one of these males. I suppose there might be a few sensitive types out there who would cherish a male who was equally wonderful and sensitive blah blah blah. But mostly I thought that the most interested women would be the ones who want to dominate the man in their relationship (the proverbial Feminazis).

    Time for me to go to bed. I’m hoping I don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

  6. jesus H., do any of these okygen thieves have a damn set?

  7. My husband, nor my brother, nor I could make it past 3 minutes. My husband thought it had to be a parody. Since my husband is out of town, I had to post clips of Han Solo and Rhett Butler just to cleanse my palate.

    • AHLondon — welcome! I commend you for making it to 3 minutes. My apologies that it took so long to get your first comment through. There’s a one-time “approval” process that keeps down spam. Your comments will post automatically from now on, so don’t be shy.

      (And yes, I agree — Han Solo and Rhett Butler are excellent antidotes.)

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