Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 25, 2010

The Most Awesome (and Very Short) Video You Will See Today; UPDATED

The best thing about this is that it was unplanned.  This isn’t the diabolical plot from the movie Runaway Jury.  It’s a candidates’ debate hosted by the League of Women Voters in the 8th district of Illinois, where Melissa Bean is the incumbent Democrat and Joe Walsh is her GOP challenger.

Walsh introduces the brief clip, in which the LOWV moderator is asked by an audience member if there will be a pledge of allegiance spoken.  She gives a firm “No.”

Watch what happens next.

UPDATE: Yid with Lid has some must-read additional info on this incident.  Besides a longer clip, there is background on the LOWV moderator — a campaign supporter and local organizer for Obama — and the Illinois director of LOWV, whose background includes ACORN and PAW.  The audience member who asked about saying the Pledge is an Air Force Reserve vet.

J.E. Dyer blogs at Hot Air’s Green Room and Commentary’s “contentions.”  She writes a weekly column for Patheos.


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JT, J.E. Dyer. J.E. Dyer said: The Most Awesome (and Very Short) Video You Will See Today: !America rising! IL debate audience rocks Pledge of Alleg… […]

  2. If she had simple responded along the line of: “Well, we had not included the Pledge of Allegiance in the schedule but, if the people here wish it, we can now take a minute to recite the Pledge.” it would have been a non-event, over in two minutes.

    Instead, by trying to prevent the Pledge being spoken and, after she was overridden by the assembly, whining that she had been “disrespected” she won national notoriety as an arrogant and ineffectual fool. A classic example of the behavior of the political class that is enraging so many voters.

  3. Sorry, “simply”. I need to proof read more carefully.

  4. Good observation. The moderator sealed her own fate by being reactionary and narrow-minded.

    The identities in this little dust-up are almost Brothers Grimm-ish in their cautionary-tale perfection: an Obama campaign supporter being annoyed at a request for the Pledge; her League director — a graduate of ACORN and People for the American Way — backing her up and lobbing baseless charges at “Republicans”; and the audience questioner being not just a vet but an immigrant from Latin America. This has to qualify as some kind of hat trick.

  5. I’m not a supporter of the Pledge being a required recitation by a state run entity (like a public high school). To me, it’s the imposition of thought by the state onto the citizenry. I don’t think people should be *required* to pledge allegiance to anyone or anything if the state is the one doing the requiring. I think though that I can make an exception for the military, whose all volunteer force has the very responsibility of physically defending our country. And thus, a pledge to the flag seems natural.

    This all being said, I’m very much for voluntary recitations of the Pledge (be they in a state run institution or a private one) and very much against anyone who tries to squelch such a display. I love this video. The spontaneous recitation of the Pledge led by an immigrant despite the wishes of an elitist liberal is priceless.

  6. I never called the moderatrix a “witch.” You must have not heard me correctly.

  7. RE — fair enough, and expressive of a traditional libertarian sentiment. People tend to forget today that the Pledge was implemented in an era in which many Americans were strongly suspicious of corporate oaths of fealty administered through the schools — they smacked of a Teutonic authoritarian collectivism.

    My enjoyment of this video was much like yours. Americans rising to override the false assumption of neutrality by a leftist in authority — it’s what has to be done. The woman was exposed for what she is, and the audience took action.

    Cousin Vinnie, of course, was hauled away in cuffs, hollering something like “I did not put my foot on that woman!”

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