Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 8, 2010

Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks

This Chris Coons guy is a piece of work.  We know from previous investigation that he raised taxes on the resident’s of Delaware’s New Castle County three times, and that he came back from Kenya his senior year of college a “bearded Marxist.”

It wasn’t so clear until others did some diligent digging that he really meant that thing about being a bearded Marxist.  It wasn’t just a youthful peccadillo or passing fad.  He went back to Africa after college and volunteered for the South African Council of Churches, a proponent of the same liberation theology of James Cone that inspired the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.  As Jeffrey Lord recounts at The American Spectator, this indicates a connection with more than just the forces opposing apartheid.  The Coons connection is with the politicized “gospel” of Marxist socialism, a gospel that associates collective salvation with “…state participation in industry and commerce… and an even larger role for the state in planning and control.”  Read, as they say, the whole thing.

So he’s Obama, basically, in terms of the character of his political beliefs from early adulthood.  Having established his connection with those beliefs through African proponents of explicitly black liberation theology, he is so much like Obama it might seem a little eerie that he would pop up in a senatorial election in 2010 – except that he’s much the same age as Obama too.

In his public life in Delaware, he raised taxes on county property owners three times in succession, and by gigantic percentages each time, for a total increase of 58%.  (I remain amazed that the folks in Delaware just sit still for this, but that’s another issue.)  But he has also gained quite a reputation for abusing his position in county government in various ways, either to enrich cronies or to harass political opponents, activist gadflies, and attorneys representing public employees in lawsuits.

The narrative is about as slimy-politics-as-usual as these things get – which itself echoes the piles of cronyist, abuse-of-the-office trash with which Obama’s history is littered.  In one case, Coons was involved in a park development project that double-contracted the same environmental “remediation” to a contractor who was present and lobbying the county officials during their deliberations.  To pay for the work twice, the contractor proposed adding to property owners’ tax bills, using eminent domain more aggressively, and pursuing property liens more aggressively.  The double-contracted work in question related to a membership-only athletic club that was to be constructed on the site of the publicly-funded park.  Coons is quoted, from the meeting in question, as professing himself “generally comfortable with the process being discussed. It is equitable and sustainable.”

During Coons’ tenure with the county, a local activist – a green-left activist to boot – reported years of county-agency harassment that quite obviously was in retaliation for his political activism.  You may not agree with Mr. Muller’s politics, but no one can regard it as fair, or as a proper exercise of official power, for a citizen to be cited daily or monthly – each instance carrying a separate fine – for the same housing infraction (e.g., a broken window), in the manner outlined at Patterico.

The Patterico summary also contains a link to this complaint against Coons and his associates in the county government.  According to the plaintiff – an attorney who had represented police officers and other county employees in court – Coons and the other officials made public allegations that he had violated federal court orders, among other unsubstantiated accusations of wrongdoing.  But the complaint also cites the county officials’ release of medical information about the plaintiff to the media.  Specifically, the defendants “disclosed to the Delaware media that plaintiff was dying of a brain tumor and that it was causing him to act erratically… defendants discussed his private medical information with numerous other individuals and during county government meetings.”

Shades of Obama getting Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce decree opened so his campaign could embarrass Ryan and alarm the Illinois GOP with it.

The record on Coons is almost laughable in its fealty to the pattern of high-handed, constituent-dismissing government.  There’s a laundry list of other stuff, and it all points to the politics-as-usual effect, which in 2010 means:  this guy will vote to keep regulating you more, taxing you more, and spending your great-great-great-great-grandchildren’s money to infinity and beyond.  Coons has aired commercials falsely claiming that he balanced the county budget, when in fact, he had to use the surplus left by his predecessor to avoid a deficit in every year of his tenure – and that’s in spite of raising taxes 58%.  For his County Executive campaign, Coons accepted donations from shell organizations – e.g., six of them with the same address in Maryland – set up to evade campaign finance laws, and moreover engaged in some very sloppy accounting.  (Read all the way to the end of the reader comments; the early one challenging the author’s information is wrong about the delineation of the election cycle.)

Yada, yada, same old same old.  Nothing epic here.  But can there be any question why Coons is Harry Reid’s pet?  In the US Northeast in the Age of Obama, he’s Everydemocrat – and quite a few of the Republicans as well.  This is a man who will vote to preserve Obamacare, who will vote for Cap-and-Trade, who will vote for every “stimulus,” approve every deficit, enthusiastically support paying off unions and big financial institutions with taxpayer money, and make sure the EPA, and every other federal agency dedicated to picking your pocket so it can eliminate all your freedoms, remains in business.

Mike Castle wouldn’t have been any use in staving off this future; but we’re past the Castle-O’Donnell decision now.  The voters picked O’Donnell because Castle wasn’t different enough from Coons to matter.  I’ve made the argument here about why the voters went with a “colorful” and problematic candidate instead of the safe RINO.  I will add to it this point:  the primary voters looked at O’Donnell and Castle and trusted O’Donnell, by a wide margin, to vote the way they prefer, on exactly the list of issues in the last paragraph.

They didn’t vote for her because they want her to implement some agenda that doesn’t even exist to impose a social theocracy on America.  They didn’t vote for her because they’re having a temper tantrum and wanted to communicate that through the voting booth.  They voted for her because they believe she’ll vote the way they want her to in the Senate.  The fact that Chris Coons will not vote that way – that everything in his background predicts he will vote like Harry Reid, like Everydemocrat, that he will vote a good 5-10% more left than even Mike Castle – has not changed.  It won’t before 2 November.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JT, J.E. Dyer. J.E. Dyer said: Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks: Chris Coons: Obama in Delaware […]

  2. Part of me wants to see these high tax, high spend, high regulation states collapse economically. CA being the biggest example of all (with utmost respect to some who currently live there like J.E., VDH, my friend Stacey!). I don’t want to see individuals suffer or America as a whole suffer economically, but I want to see a shock that exposes how insidious liberalism is. Then maybe people like Coons will stop populating our political class and we can get our country onto a path of solvency.

  3. Ritchie:

    California and New York (and other states) are going to implode in the next two years. Like you, I take no pleasure in this prediction. But since it is going to happen, those who caused it — the government unions and the politicians they purchased and continue to purchase — should squarely take the blame. Hence, if Jerry Brown (only in CA could a mindless hack big-spender like Brown be re-elected in a time of financial crisis) and Andrew Cuomo (he of HUD-housing bubble fame) are elected as governors of those states, they will completely fail to appreciate, much less deal with, the financial crises of their states and they, their party and their union bosses will properly be thrown out of office in 2012.

    Compare the approach and performance of Chris Christie to the two Democrat hack candidates in CA and NY. If he keeps it up, Christie will find himself the Repub’s Presidential candidate in 2012.

  4. DANoon, Naturally, I want to see as many Rs win their respective elections as possible on Nov 2. However, if Brown beats Whitman in CA I’ll console myself with the expectation that Brown will drive the CA economy into the ground because he’s a typical liberal and, like a moth to flame, will not be able resist reckless and ruinous spending. And, as you say, 2012 will then bring a reckoning at the polls. However, I’m a little nervous that the feds will come in and bail CA out and prevent the CA voters from feeling the pain. Pelosi and Feinstein are powerful people and could probably convince Obama to send the $$ (if he even needs any convincing). Again, I say all of the above strictly from a political standpoint and not at all from a human suffering standpoint.

    Christie is a legend. I’d love to see him in the WH. The fact that he’s doing what he’s doing in a liberal state like NJ makes him even more impressive than if he was doing it in a state Alabama.

  5. There will be no govt bailouts for states past this election. And in California, how much worse does it have to be in order for anyone to take notice.The fact is that much of our population has lost the spirit of their ancestors and are small, worried people – not willing to take risks and reap what comes from that risk. Maybe that isn’t so bad – but then they wish for the government to try and eliminate risk so that life need not be lived – you simply exist. No thanks.

    Coons has already won in DE, its over. O’D hasn’t moved the polls since she won the primary because most of the voters in DE don’t believe anything she says – unless it is just the nutty stuff. The ability to completely shut off the screwy spending to bailout failed democrats might die with a 50/50 Senate. But we get the government we deserve. Ours stinks because that is what the voters want.

    It’s disgusting.

  6. There are some very positive things going on. Our adversaries are imploding in desperation. We just need to encourage everyone to vote and stay positive. If we keep peacefully turning out in great numbers, cleaning up after ourselves, this thing can turn around and make for a much stronger nation in our time.

  7. I simply cannot believe that Californians would choose a hack like Brown over an accomplished and experienced woman like Whitman. There is no downside in voting for her. None. Part of me can understand people who say, Oh well, let them reap the consequences – but what does that mean? There´s no telling which lessons such a deluded electorate will draw.

  8. Even the illustrious David Brooks at the liberal paper of record, The New York Times, writes today about “The Paralysis of the State.” He calls out the “desperately over committed” state which in his own well chosen words is “the Democratic Party’s epic failure.”

    Then, of course, Brooks drains the power of his column with a mealy mouth call to compromise, as if there can be any compromise with those whose aim in life is to pander to dependent groups and to endlessly grow the great, omnipotent state. But Brooks himself is part of the grand elite which knows what’s best for us.

  9. Brooks is a wondeful example of the problem. He pats himself on his discernment and falls for a telprompter king with a nice crease in his pant leg as some example of competence.

    He is part of the problem – not the solution. He might be a “well educated” and “bright” guy, but he and others like him are just nicer versions of Ezra Klein et al who think themselves the final arbiter of what is correct and accomplished. In reality they have almost no real world experience and provide zero value for the words they provide.

    I have more real life knowledge in my pinky finger than everyone of those types have combined. Who died and elected them kingmakers? I just hope for the continued shrinkage of the NYT and the WP and with it the idea that they have anything of value to say on any topic.

  10. Yes, but they believed Biden for nearly 40 years, something in the water I guess, Than again the folks
    at that site, from where you got that Coons bit have otherwise been pounding her into the rubble, not
    fully aware of how bad a candidate is, or they don’t care,

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