Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | June 24, 2010

Support Your Local Grand Canyon State

Hey, Greta Van Susteren mentioned it this evening and beat me to it, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, here’s a boost for my burg in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

The city council of Hemet – home of the Ramona play, among other distinctions – voted on 22 June to approve a resolution supporting Arizona for its immigration-enforcement law.  This in spite of more than 100 people crowding the city council chamber before the vote, many of them arguing passionately against the resolution.  For Hemet’s city council, that’s an epic turnout.  You find more people than that shopping any given neighborhood yard sale in the tony Eden Roc mobile home community.

Our fellow IE metropolis, Lake Elsinore (just a few thousand orange cones or so west down State Highway 74), adopted a similar resolution this week.  Their mayor was interviewed by Greta V. this evening.

You can see Hemet’s city council here.  I am pleased to note – tonight, at any rate – that I voted for each of the people in the photo.

Hemet’s main claim to fame recently has been the asymmetric war being waged against our Gang Task Force.  Because of the campaign against Hemet’s task force, authorities nabbed 31 members of the Vagos gang across four states in March.  In June, gang-associated attackers used an RPG round in their latest attempt on the task force headquarters, which is located near City Hall.  They succeeded by other means in setting the popular Los Altos market on fire, but the RPG round was an inert training round and did not perform as the attackers probably hoped.  Interestingly, Lake Elsinore has been the other small city in Riverside County most troubled by the Vagos.

The UK Independent mentions that the Vagos are a “mostly Hispanic” gang.  But California’s mainstream media are as unlikely to mention it themselves as French media are to mention that the “youths” torching cars in the Paris suburbs are Muslims of Middle Eastern and African descent.

Sentiment in the Press-Enterprise reader responses seems to have been running pretty heavily in favor of the city council resolution.  Well done, city council!

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  1. I fully support the Arizona law. It’s simply not enough however to address the problem. Until we institute real enforcement of the laws against employers of illegals, the stalemate between the left and right on this issue will continue.

    The employers can’t hide. No businessman would risk jail, by hiring illegals, if a system were in place to allow low cost labor, to legally enter the country as needed in a modern version of the old bracero program.

    If illegals can’t find work, they’ll go back to Mexico because that’s where they’d rather be in the first place.

    The problem of illegal immigration is easily solved once Republican representatives stop supporting business interests that benefit from the status quo.

    Once that happens, the stalemate is broken, the paradigm changes and the left is reduced to openly supporting ‘open borders’, which is an unsustainable political position because the motivation of desiring a greatly expanded voter base is exposed.

  2. Congratulations, J.E. Dyer, on being quoted by the one and only Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post! A salute to two ladies that live by the sword and the pen both.

    • Thanks, cm. For others interested, here’s the article referenced, at Caroline Glick’s website:

      Great article, BTW.

    • and let’s hope that living by the sword and pen bot’
      don’t bring the usual end when all is wrote.

  3. GB — you’re right, much of the problem would correct itself if we enforced the laws being broken by businesses that hire illegals.

    Having lived near the border for several years now, though, I have to point out that it’s definitely NOT just our national political representatives who are the problem when it comes to enforcement. Politicians at the city and county level are a big part of the problem. Often they hold non-partisan positions; it isn’t possible to say categorically that Democrats lean one way and Republicans another. When Bush ramped up the INS raids on businesses 3-4 years ago, the sorry spectacle of county officials trying to deflect the plans of federal agents was far too common.

    This is a deeply embedded crisis. For the border states, I think it really takes the STATE deciding to fight it, to make a difference. States are in the middle tier, one level above the cities and counties and the natural level of appeal for cities and counties that are feeling the impact of their neighbors’ collusion and bad choices. I think what Arizona is doing basically had to happen, and has the best chance of galvanizing others across the nation in a politically useful way.

  4. Totally off topic or maybe not: the entire First Things site which is home to Gateway Pundit is now getting malicious software alerts from Google. The Optimist was on a panel in Southern Cal. with the Gateway Pundit. Among other blogs on the First Things site is the Anchoress who is a voice of calm in the middle of the really messy situations in my Roman Catholic Church in the USA. I see this as not just an attack on free speech but also a religious attack. Must wait, myself, to attempt to go to the site until my husband, the computer expert, gets home to see what’s up with this attack so I don’t mess up the family computer net. I don’t think situations like this on First Things are happening by random chance.

  5. Orcas — Jim Hoft’s (Gateway Pundit’s) Twitter feed says the First Things site is “under attack” but should be fixed by tomorrow.

    He also says if you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser, you should be safe going to the site. I did a Google browse just now and got the Google security warning page, but when I typed in the URL in the command line, I got straight to the First Things page and am seeing no problems.

    I don’t think Google is ostracizing the site (or being deceptive about it) for political reasons. That would be really commercially stupid. I think their security program just detects weird things going on with the First Things server, probably due to a third-party attack, and so automatically issues a warning.

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